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    70+ 2019 Summer Trend Long Coffin Nails Inspirations

    If you can’t decide between square or coffin nail shapes, we can assure you that by choosing coffin shape over all the others you will make a wise choice. For example, if you are looking for a great and stylish office look – this manicure with a gold accent will be just the right option. It is both simple and elegant without being too daring. Adding to your coffin nails glitter would be a nice idea not only when you are going to the party. You can easily create a perfect everyday look with the help of glitter and stylish dream catcher nail art. Just look at the adorable outcome! We…

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    70+ Sensational Winter Nail Colors to Make You Feel Warm

    Winter nail colors are exactly what you need right now when the season strikes. The thing is that the way your nails look, plays a very important part in the perfection of your look, as a whole. In case, you are still unsure what is the trendiest idea to pull off when holidays come, we may have a handful of fresh looks, which can’t wait to be pulled off by you! Pick any of the shades listed below and you will look irresistible anywhere you go! Deep Green: Inspired by Nature The winter nail polish color range would be incomplete without green shades. How could we simply forget about the…

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    50+ Simple and Easy Ombre Waterfall Nails Ideas

    The best thing about the waterfall nails is that they are so simple to succeed with that even not a nail art fan or professional will be able to replicate the idea. As a matter of fact, a list of exciting waterfall nail art ideas is going to be precisely what we are suggesting you browse through right now! All the best and most popular waterfall effect nails examples at your disposal!

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    40+ Spring Square Acrylic Nails Designs To Try Now

    In the event the nail bed is wider and shorter, you should go for square nails, but be certain you keep the edges round. A well-chosen nail shape not only makes it possible to get a more delicate and fashionable appearance for your hands, but nevertheless, it may also boost self-confidence.

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    30+ Stiletto Acrylic Nails Ideas To Try In 2019

    Acrylic nails are popular not only for the way they look but also for how hard the nail becomes the chemical reaction process. If you want to get long nails, this style is a good choice. We’ve gathered 37 photos of some of the most gorgeous acrylic nail designs to help you decide what look you’re after.

  • 35 Leaf Nail Art Ideas

    35 Leaf Nail Art Ideas

    When it comes to leaf nail art, you can find a lot of great designs already. More and more people are trying new leaf designs to make it more in to the season or can have more styles combined into one unique nail art. One of the most popular seasons for the leaf nail art is on autumn where the main focus would be on the leaves. However, leaf nail art designs proved that they can be painted on anytime and on any seasons and that they can be easily customized. Below is a simple way where you can recreate a marbled style leaf nail art design. Of course you…

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