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    In Love with 112㎡ Minimalist White

      White romance This residence in Alicante, Spain, covers an area of 112.29㎡ and was designed by Fran Silvestre Arquitectos. While ensuring the functionality needed for life, the space story is conveyed in the most perfect posture. The minimalist white effect is very prominent.   – living room  – – kitchen – – dining room – – upstairs – – master bedroom – – bathroom – – second bedroom- source:https://www.archdaily.com.br/br/930697/ atico-em-costa-blanca-fran-silvestre-arquitectos/

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    40 Year Old House Renovated Beautifully

      Refurbished old house 40-year-old apartment, worn out. But in the hands of the designer, he was reborn and turned into a warm and clean Nordic style house. The minimalist space is dominated by white tones, supplemented by walnut, tile, greenery and other elements. There is no dazzling and complicated decoration, everything is as simple as just right. The kitchen and living room are open and connected without visual partitions. Large windows are left in the living room to introduce sunlight and greenery, which will fill the whole home with a pure and natural feeling. – living room-                        …

  • Tiny House Design Ideas To Inspire You, Easy Furniture DIY Projects For Interior Design, Cute Furniture Tiny House For Simple Life.
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    32 Amazing Cozy Tiny House Design Ideas

    There are singles, couples and even families who are opting to live in tiny homes and spend most of their lives traveling and exploring new places. This way they are relieved from the burden of paying heavy mortgages and house taxes. With the tiny home living lifestyle, you can now save more and spend more on yourself. This is bringing a sense of freedom, especially in the younger generation. For families, however, opting for this way of lifestyle can become a little hard at times as tiny homes are no doubt limited on space, and adjusting more than two can take a little more effort and planning. So in order…

  • Modern Stunning Decor for Your Porch; 2019 trend home decor; awesome ideas of porch decor; porch decorating ideas
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    Modern Stunning Decor for Your Porch

    It’s amazing how far a little plant magic can go! Large tropical plants can create a room divide and provide a little more privacy, while smaller plants arranged on the floor and on tables create the perfect visual balance. Patio is like a little slice of heaven! The pergola + vines, hanging lanterns, and macrame—there are just so many charming details here! What little details are you proud of in your outdoor space? From sofas to pillows to plants, the porch has all the comfy layers of a successful outdoor living room! “I wanted it to feel loungey, with multiple seating areas and a game table,” she says. Enjoy our…

  • bathroom closet decor ideas; bathroom decor apartment; modern bathroom decor ideas on a budget; bathroom decor
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    28 Well Organized Built-in Bathroom Shelf And Storage Ideas

    Many people need more storage or at least attractive storage space in their bathroom. There are several practical ways to use the corners of the bathroom as storage space. You can choose creative and interesting storage ideas that can help you move around the corner of the bathroom using built-in storage. An example is to use a small storage space to avoid taking up too much space. You can use the space under the sink as storage space for your toiletries. In addition, you can use a hanging or integrated basket. Another method is to manage the makeup equipment using a magnetic storage board or divided boxes that adjust the…

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