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    Choose Happiness

    Life can be a life of piquancy, especially when it comes to choosing your own path. When we are younger, we have learned to focus on what we will become, to plan how we are going to get there and how we are going to do with our lives. As if one of us really knew when we are 10 years old! I wanted to take charge of my life, focus on my passion for writing and traveling. Cherish the precious time I have with my loved ones. The latter will always be the most important. It’s so easy for us to put more emphasis on buying this car, choosing…

  • Holiday,  Life is A Journey

    11 of the Most Stylish Travel Destinations Right Now

    If you have not posted a million tropical photos perfectly staged during your vacation, have you ever gone? Questionable. Whether you have to use PTO before the end of the year or you want to get hot just a few days after the fall. Our Coterie members have your Insta-worthy travel itinerary covered. Here are 11 trendy destinations that will appeal to everyone.  

  • Life is A Journey

    Where to go in September?

    If the thought of another year crawling to a close has left you feeling a little low, September is the perfect time to give yourself a travel-fuelled lift, with an array of destinations primed for exploration during the penultimate month of the year.

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    36 Eyeshadow Designs For New Beginner How To Apply Eyeshadow

    The application of eyeshadow is relatively easy. However, learning how to make eye makeup is not a simple task. How do you choose the right shade for the color of your eyes and the tone of your skin? Do you really need 10 makeup brushes? Were you ever use all the colors in this palette of eye shadows? We know it’s easy not to understand the best ways to bring out your eyes. So we designed a 5-step guide to show you exactly how to handle all these eyeliners, mascaras and shadows, regardless of the shape and outline of your eyes. Color. Let’s start: 1. Start with great makeup brushes.…

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