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    Thigh Tattoos: Versatile Thigh Tattoos Inspirations for Women

    The thigh has ended up being the have to have area to obtain tattooed. It rates among celebs and more. Integrate this with a flower layout as well as you have one fashionable ink. This flower tattoo was created with black ink and also features stunning blossoms. A design like this would look outstanding for the summertime.

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    20+ Maple Leaf Tattoos Express What Truly Lies In Your Heart

    With the potential of being a symbol for both good and bad, a leaf tattoo is anything but ordinary. Of course, a specific leaf might be symbolic or hold specific meanings. On a more general note, a leaf can represent either the beginning of life or its end. Including these, a leaf tattoo can also mean the circle of life, regeneration or evolution, change, stages of life, happiness, hope, inevitability, life’s struggles, and end of a stage. From a lush foliage to a withering leaf, every design can provide you with the means to express what truly lies in your heart.

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    Mini Finger Tattoos Are Every Woman’s Chic Goals

    Finger tattoos have always been a crowd favorite. Their small footprint and Instagram appeal makes these tiny tattoos a popular choice among women—especially when the weather starts to warm. Our list today includes some of the trendiest new designs and ideas, as well as a few oldies just for kicks.

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    Minimalist Tattoo Ideas For Couples

    Want a minimalist tattoo to share with the love of your life? Here are the best his & hers tattoos we've found on Instagram. From cute, minimalist heart tattoos to an amazing yin and yang design with a special meaning, here are our favorites....

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    50+ back Shoulder Tattoo Ideas For Woman

    The shoulders of women are relatively more powerful and sexy place. It’s a space large enough for the big flowers, the map such tattoos, but it is also suitable for some tiny sexy tattoos. All those make the shoulder an optimal place for a tattoo for woman.

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