Leaf Cardboard Christmas Tree: A Simple and Unique Holiday Decoration Using Cardboard and Leaves

You can make good use of cardboard boxes from deliveries at home. Today, we will introduce a simple version of a leaf cardboard Christmas tree. Here are the steps:Materials Needed:

  • Cardboard box or cardboard
  • Craft knife
  • Scoring tool (such as rubber bands)
  • Pine leaves, red berries, or other decorations



  1. Prepare a cardboard box or cardboard and use a craft knife to cut it into the shape of a Christmas tree. You can choose the size and shape of the tree according to your preference.
  2. Cut some scoring lines on the cardboard. You can use rubber bands or other materials as alternatives. Wrap the scoring lines around the cardboard to create the effect of branches. You can add multiple layers of scoring lines to make the branches fuller.
  3. Collect some pine leaves, red berries, or other decorations and insert them into the scoring lines to make the branches look more vivid and natural. You can also add other holiday decorations such as fairy lights or small gifts.
  4. Ensure that the decorations are securely attached to the cardboard to ensure the stability of the entire Christmas tree.
  5. After these simple steps, you have successfully made a leaf cardboard Christmas tree!



This leaf cardboard Christmas tree is simple yet unique, using cardboard and natural decorations to create a festive atmosphere. You can place it on your tabletop, or bookshelf, or give it as a holiday gift to family and friends.

By using cardboard and natural materials like leaves, you can add an eco-friendly and creative touch to the holiday season. Let’s get started and make a leaf cardboard Christmas tree to add a unique decoration to the festivities!