DIY Beverage Bottles And Caps Crafts

Summer is the season with the highest consumption of beverages, so keeping beverage bottles and caps for creative activities is a great idea, especially for families with children. Here are some simple and fun bottle cap craft ideas that are suitable for children to engage in during summer vacation:

Creating bee and ladybug chalkboard stickers


– Bottle caps
– Spray paint (yellow and red)
– Marker pens
– Googly eyes
– Ribbon
– Magnetic sheets (optional)
– Glue
1. Prepare some clean bottle caps and wash them thoroughly with water.2. Spray paint all the bottle caps with yellow paint and allow them to dry completely.3. Use a black marker pen to draw bee and ladybug patterns on the yellow bottle caps. You can refer to pictures or create your designs based on your creativity.4. Glue googly eyes onto the heads of the bee and ladybug.5. Cut two small pieces of ribbon to use as wings for the bee and glue them onto the back.6. If you want to use them as chalkboards or fridge stickers, you can attach magnetic sheets to the back of the bottle caps.
Once completed, you have adorable bee and ladybug chalkboard stickers! They can be used to decorate chalkboards, refrigerators, desks, and more. You can also use them for labeling and note-taking by using sticky notes or other materials. This is a simple and fun craft project suitable for preschools and children’s centers. Enjoy the process of making and using them!

Making bottle cap spiders

– Black bottle caps (or paint other colored bottle caps black)
– Chenille stems (black)
– Googly eyes
– Glue


1. Prepare a clean black bottle cap, or paint other colored bottle caps black using spray paint or markers.2. Cut black chenille stems into small pieces, the number of pieces should match the number of spider legs (usually eight legs).3. Use glue to attach one end of the chenille stems to the underside of the bottle cap, creating the spider’s legs. Make sure the eight legs are evenly distributed.4. Use glue to attach googly eyes to the top of the bottle cap, creating the spider’s eyes. You can use two or more eyes, depending on your preference. 

Once completed, you have a cute bottle cap spider! You can use it for photography, room decoration, or as a prop for imaginative play. Remember to avoid touching real spiders and to prioritize safety and respect for nature. Enjoy the process of making and showcasing your bottle cap spider!

Making macaron ornaments 

1. Prepare bottle caps of the same size, which can be transparent or colored caps.

2. Use a hot glue gun to attach jute twine around the edge of the bottle cap. This will serve as the edge of the macaron.

3. If you want to make a filled macaron, you can glue two bottle caps together with a hot glue gun to create a hollow shape. If desired, you can add a layer of air-dry clay in between to create a frosting effect.

4. If you like, you can sprinkle some glitter on the macaron to enhance its visual appeal and beauty.

– Bottle caps (same size)
– Jute twine
– Hot glue gun
– Air-dry clay (optional)
– Glitter (optional)
Once completed, you have made macaron ornaments! You can use them as decorations, or hang them on plants, walls, or other surfaces to add a pop of color to your indoor space. These macaron ornaments are both cute and unique, making them delightful little decorations that children will love. Enjoy the process of making and showcasing your macaron ornaments!