12 Creative Decorations and Fun Games with Ices

Today, follow us to play with all kinds of nice ideas.

Hanging ornaments made of these ice, ice lantern, etc.

Bring a little tenderness and romance to winter life


1 Ice Lantern

Lights can always add a lot of fireworks to life.

Our life cannot be separated from the lighting of lights.

It is a waste not to make a ice lantern Cup in winter

Go to nature to pick up some leaves, Chinese hawthorn and other things to go home.

Let’s make a beautiful natural ice lantern

Prepare a big bucket and a small cup

Pick up pine branches, Chinese hawthorn, leaves, etc.

After washing, put it into the gap between the cup and the barrel, and then pour it into the water

Put it directly on the balcony for one night and then take it out

You can buy some small strings online.

Put it in such a ice lantern, the sense of atmosphere immediately becomes available

After learning the basic principle of making ice lantern

You can use all kinds of different materials to make lights with different shapes.

Put a certain amount of water in the bucket, 2/3 is enough

Take it out and cut the middle empty

Finally, put the electronic bulb directly into it.



2 balloon Hockey

Many people have all kinds of balloons.

Don’t waste it, make all kinds of colorful ice hockey

Well-made balls can also be used to build various buildings or others.

Prepare balloons and pigments

Pour watercolor into the balloon first

Pour a certain amount of water

Shake the balloon after breaking the knot and let the paint and water blend

Place balloons with different colors of water on the balcony

Remove the balloon after it is completely frozen into a ball

Take them to play in the snow, let the children play freely

They can always find many new ways to play.



3 fruit ice ornaments

Our pursuit of beauty is a kind of nature.

So I will come up with various ways to dress myself up.

Or decorate our living environment with all kinds of beautiful things

Of course, you can’t miss the natural ice ornaments below in winter.


Prepare some branches, fruits, nuts, etc.

Put it into a disc at will and pour water

Of course, don’t forget to put a wool to help hang it up

After it is frozen, take it out and hang it on a tree or window.

Super nice, it has the effect of making people calm down

As long as you learn the basic operation, you can draw inferences

Make different ornaments with different materials

Combination of different materials such as dried branches, Pinecone decoration, shells, etc.

It will make people feel completely different.

Even the pinpindoudou children often play can be done

It can also be made into different shapes such as squares and fans.

Make your ice cube ornaments more distinctive and beautiful



4 Fruit flowers ice cubes

Many people drink, coffee or other drinks.

All have the habit of putting small ice cubes

If you put some petals, mint grass, fruit, etc. into the ice cube

Looking at the colorful ones, you will feel more when you drink it

Put the washed flowers and fruits in ice tray

The effect after taking out is not only edible ice cubes

It is also a work of art with good appreciation value.

Even children can hold the baby in their hands

Seeing the ice melting slowly, flowers and plants exposed the prototype.

It will make children excited and happy



5 salt ice painting

What effect will Salt have when it encounters ice?

Then follow us to play salt ice painting

Make ice cubes into the shape you want, such as Love

Then sprinkle the salt on the ice cube, when the salt meets the Ice Cube

Small pits and tunnels will be integrated.

Then drop watercolor into these pits or apply other pigments.

The pigment will bring the whole ice cube with various small pits.

Becoming colorful is one of the games that children can’t get tired of playing.



6 Ice Cube exploration game

Children are born with strong curiosity.

It is precisely because of these Curiosity guidelines

Let them know the world in various ways.

The ice exploration game is one of the common games for children in winter.

Put different materials into ice tray and pour water

Finally, ice cubes with different treasures

Children can melt ice cubes by dripping water.

To rescue all kinds of little doll trapped by ice

Or guess what’s inside through ice cubes.

Parents can also put special gifts in one of the ice cubes.

Let children guess what the gift is through some game settings

The person who finally guessed can get the new year gift specially prepared by the parents.



7 Ice Cube strip ornaments

The current outdoor temperature has reached below zero in most cities.

Make some colorful ice cubes into long ornaments

Hanging on trees or other places brings more multi colors to life

Let people passing by smile when they see them

Still pour water into ice tray first

Add some watercolor to make it completely merge with water.

You can also put some glitter or other decorations in it

Then put the style of rope study into ice tray

Finally, just hang it up, it is both beautiful and funny



8 sunshine catcher

When sunlight passes through the ice

We can see a more wonderful and dreamy world.

Make some sunshine catcher with ice cubes

To leave more shining moments in your life

You can also put leaves and petals in ice cubes.

To feel the sunshine shining on the ground through ice at different times

Different feelings, to remember the changes and wonderful feelings of light and shadow



9 skating Penguins

Many families with children have all kinds of dolls.

It is better to turn these little doll into treasure again.

Do some skating games

For example, skating penguins to share at this moment

Put penguins into ice tray

Take it out after it is frozen

Prepare another big iron tray for the child

Also put some water into iron tray to make it ice cube

Push Penguins to see how far they can slide

You can also play skating with two penguins in two hands

In addition to penguins, some small Lego dolls at home

Or dinosaurs, lions and other small animals

You can learn this idea to play skating



10 ice dyeing

We have heard all kinds of ways to dye fabrics.

Have you ever heard of ice dyeing?

No? Then play with us

The clothes made by ice dyeing have a feeling of ink painting

Prepare Ice Cube, dye color toner, rubber band, cardboard, white T-shirt

First make cardboard into a circle

Put the white T-shirt into the cardboard

Then pour the ice on the clothes and spread it evenly.

Add dye powder with a spoon and put it in different positions of ice cubes.

Match the color and size according to your preference

When the ice cubes melt, the pigment will slowly penetrate into the clothes with the water.

The final effect is shown in the following figure.

It is very dreamy with starry sky.



11 simple ice sculpture

Yesterday we introduced using snow to make all kinds of snow sculptures.

Today, let’s use ice to make some simple ice sculptures that everyone can play.

Just make some simple geometric ice cubes

You can use them to build all kinds of shapes.

You can use a long balloon to make some curved look.

All kinds of pots and pans can be used

Make ice cubes of different shapes to build

You can also put some pigments in ice water.

Make ice sculptures more colorful and dreamy

Finally, combine freely in the way you like

You can also put some GenOptics Aura Essence at night.

There is a more dreamy feeling, and it will become a clock-in point for many people.



12 ice painting

Old readers who have been following us for a long time believe that they are no stranger to ice painting.

Since it is the creative theme of ice, ice painting is naturally indispensable.

There are many ways to play ice painting. Play together

You can directly prepare a large bucket of small ice cubes.

Let the child dip acrylic paint with a brush

Apply it freely to ice cubes

Feel the interaction between paint and ice”

You can also squeeze gouache into ice cubes after mixing water.

Let the pigment freely penetrate into the ice cube

Colorful ice cubes are very beautiful

Or squeeze watercolor on ice cubes

To appreciate the texture of the pigment slowly penetrating into the ice

Others combine ice cubes with chalk.

Playing ice cube version a picture drawn in chalk on the ground also has a special feeling

Of course, watercolor and water are completely integrated into ice cubes.

Use them to paint with fairy air, and try a variety of ways

After seeing so many DIY players playing ice

Is there any way to move you?

Prepare materials and play your own ice works in leisure time

Use them to enrich this winter day

Let these games or hand-made

Bring more happiness and more beautiful enjoyment to family members