10+ Creative Decor Ideas for 2022 New Year

The footsteps of 2022 are getting closer and closer. For the new year, we always have a lot of new expectations, hoping to resign the old and welcome the new in a ritual way. On the eve of the new year on December 31, many people will hold or attend parties. Everyone will sing, dance, chat, and countdown together. Celebrate and welcome the new year in a festive way. When Fireworks bloom all over the sky, they will silently make New Year wishes. If you also want to hold a small new year party, you may need the following ideas.

1 candy gift

You must eat sugar or make sugar in the new year.

It means the new year is festive, sweet, and sweet.

While eating sugar, it is better to make a little surprise.

Prepare Health paper tube, packaging ticker tape, silk thread and new year card

Paste two sanitary paper tube together

Then wrap the wrapping paper to decorate the paper tube

Tie a bow on one side first

Put in candy, snacks, gifts, etc.

Like the other side, I also wear a beautiful bow

The person who finally received the candy gift broke it from the middle.

When all kinds of candy are scattered, it will make people feel super surprised.



2 Crown

Wear a beautiful crown or other headdress at the New Year’s party.

It seems to have become a party tradition for young people.

There is no need to spend money on this kind of product that can only be worn once.

Directly use beautiful wrapping paper and pompon to make some by yourself

First draw the style of the Crown on the paper

Then cut it down along the drawn line

Roll it up and paste it with tape

Then use a hot glue gun to paste the pompom ball in a suitable position.

Prepare one for all the kids

Let’s have fun wearing them together



3 New Year hat

At the New Year’s party, a small hat

It will make the whole party feel 100% atmosphere.

Especially for children, what they like most is all kinds of small hat

Make some festive party hats according to the existing materials in the home

Non-woven cloth, wrapping paper and pompon can be used well

Cut the wrapping paper as shown in the figure first.

Roll it into a small cone style

Wear string on the left and right sides

Finally, paste a pompom on the top of the hat.

It looks very small and exquisite, which makes me want to have a try

According to your preferences, you can make more beautiful styles.

Paste colorful round patches

Or directly paste a note with the words Happy New Year

As long as you make your New Year party more lively, you can try it.



4 Countdown balloon

On the eve of the New Year every year

The most exciting thing is the countdown.

When we count from 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 to the last fireworks bloom

At this moment, many people are happy and excited.

In addition to the countdown in this way, you can also play some games.

Make 12 balloons and write the corresponding numbers

Each balloon is stuffed with a note saying what to do.

Things to do, such as making dumplings, singing, or others

Print them into a piece of paper, and then cut them into strips

Put the note into the balloon

Paste the corresponding moment after blowing the balloon

At this moment, the balloon was punctured and the note dropped.

Everyone should follow the things on the note

In addition to making game notes, you can also write confession notes.

It’s OK to write a wish note, etc.

To spend a happy and full day in this way



5 balloon decoration

When it comes to party decorations, how can we get fewer balloons?

Use colorful balloons of different sizes to make arches.

Or other shapes you like to to decorate home or other indoor

Or buy some hydrogen balloons and put them on the roof

You can also put more on the ground, during the countdown

Everyone stepped on the balloon together, just like setting off firecrackers.

Use this method to drive away all bad luck and welcome happiness.



6 children’s party

If it is a party with children as the leading role

When parents invite many students of their children to their families for the holidays

Prepare more playable small stuff

For example, various clocks made of different colored paper fold into accordion fold

In this way, let children cherish time

Prepare a order service like a restaurant

After children order, some children or parents act as waiters.

It will be a very interesting experience to mix drinks and cook food by yourself.

Put some little alarm clock on the take-out paper bag

Let children choose according to their favorite time

Each bag contains different gifts.

This will have a more random sense of interest and excitement.

Prepare some paper tube, balloons, pom poms, etc.

Let the children work together to make the explosive

Use wrapping paper to make some small horn

Blow it to see if it can blow

Or use paper pallet to make a few small rattle drum

Free to doodle on paper pallet

You can also use this to shoot balloons, you can do more at one stroke

It doesn’t even cost much

But through such a sense of ceremony and careful preparation

Give children a very special, happy and full New Year party



7 latte art hanging ornaments

Latte art is a decoration we are very familiar.

They will be seen on important holidays.

If the speaker made of latte art and gold paper is made into ornaments

Come to to decorate home, classrooms, cafes and other indoor spaces

I believe that people who see them will feel warm instantly.

And it is very simple to do, follow the step diagram



8-ring hammer

New Year is an important day for people all over the world.

Whether it is Eastern culture or Western culture

I like to open this festival in a lively way.

In addition to watching parties and concerts, you can also stay at home.

Make some musical instruments with various props to cheer everyone up

For example, the following festive hammer is very popular with children.

Prepare some golden colored paper, sanitary paper tube, tape

First, put the Golden file bag on the paper tube

In paper tube, you can put some small stones, nuts, etc.

Different things can make different sounds

So you can pack different items in each paper tube

Pack a roll of gold paper on paper tube

Paste a little sequins as decoration

Make some paper bag tassels at the bottom

According to your favorite, you can also choose silver, red, etc.

Let everyone’s hammer be unique

It feels very good to wave and dance while holding it in your hand



9 homemade blasting cannons

Salute is a way we often like to celebrate festivals.

However, due to safety or environmental concerns, many places are not allowed to be released.

Then make some improved versions with paper tube, pompon, etc.

You can play indoors without hesitation

Prepare paper tube, balloons, pompon, paper adhesive tape

Wrap the balloon on one side of paper tube and stick it firmly

Use fancy paper tape for decoration

Put in the pompom, pull the balloon, under the action of power

Pompom balls spread all over the sky, with a super sense of atmosphere



10 more ideas

At the new year party, you can release your passion as much as possible.

Make your party more interesting in various ways you like.

In addition to the above methods, the following ideas can also be used

Decorate a corner of the bar with golden balloons and small strings.

Put the cigarette stick in each champagne glass

Sprinkle gold powder on aromatherapy candles or paste golden paper adhesive tape

Cut some gold and silver banneret as ornaments

Or take photos that you think are more meaningful this year.

Hang up all and relive this year’s experience in this way.

Prepare more small games that everyone can play.

For example, prepare some light stick circles to throw the bottle

The person with the most final investment can win a special New Year Award.

Paste some colored feathers on sunglasses

You are the one with the most personality and unforgettable

String of curtains made of golden ribbons

Take a photo in front of the golden curtain, which will definitely make a great impression on the circle of friends.

Prepare well in the day with only one week left.

Use a new year party full of ceremony

Let everyone have a happy new year

Say to everyone in advance: happy new year!