30+ Christmas Gift Packaging Ideas

Christmas and New Year’s Day are coming soon.

Parents and friends are going to start thinking about preparing gifts for their children again.

How to make your gift more special?

It is a good way to make some beautiful homemade packaging by hand.

It doesn’t need too many complicated actions or how much money it costs.

But just need to use more snacks, because of good gift packaging

Make your gift stand out more impressive

Today, just follow Touchbox to play with gift packaging

Collect it, it can be used for all major holidays, birthdays, etc.


1 ice cream packaging

Ice cream always gives people a feeling of sweetness and happy

So many people like to make some ice cream theme handcraft

I hope people who receive relevant gifts can feel the sweet flavor.

Make an ice cream bar with woolen yarn ball on the gift bag

Send sweet wishes to each other

Prepare wool, scissors, brushes, tape, etc.

Follow the steps in this article to wrap the wool on the finger

Until the winding reaches a satisfactory thickness

Then tie a wool from the middle

After removing it, cut it along the center line with scissors.

Then remove the extra thread ends

Draw ice cream style on gift packaging paper

Paste woolen yarn ball as you like

Very simple, but it makes people feel warm and sweet



2 colored lights decoration method

The most impressive thing about Christmas is all kinds of colored lights.

Whether it’s the lights on the street trees or in the mall

These various neon lights make the city more lively.

This idea is also used to prepare gifts when visiting friends.

Decorate some small colored lights on the packing box, which is beautiful and suitable

Prepare small colored lights, silk thread, scissors, etc.

You can find this kind of ornamental festoon lamp that can wear rope online.

Wear the bulb through silk thread and tie it to the gift box

Determine whether to tie one or more according to your preferences

In addition to buying a light bulb, you can also draw it directly with a brush



3 drip painting decoration method

In the previous drawing game article

We have introduced drip painting many times.

Drips or splashes paint freely on drawing paper

A unique pattern will be formed.

It is full of artistic sense to wrap gifts with such drawings.

You can use tools such as toothbrushes, feathers, leaves, etc.

After dipping the pigment, gently throw the pigment on the paper.

If friends who like abstract style try this method

Finally, just pack it like a daily gift



4 three-dimensional flower collage

Flower is a creative theme that will never be outdated.

We love flowers is an instinct to pursue beauty.

When giving gifts, you can also skillfully use all kinds of materials around you.

Paste it into a three-dimensional flower style on the wrapping paper

In addition to the collage method of sponge paper in this article

You can also try crease paper, non-woven and other materials.

Create beauty with your own hands and share it with your favorite people


5 pinpindoudou rubbing method

Many people have pinpindoudou toys

Last week, we also introduced the magic of pinpindoudou.

Let’s use them as rubbing tools today.

Spell pinpindoudou out the shape you want, any pattern is OK

Then dip them in paint and rub them on the gift packaging paper

The marks left will have a retro effect



6 hot air balloon sticker method

When we talk about dreams

Many people will think of a concrete picture like a hot air balloon.

It seems that hot air balloons and dreams become synonyms.

When giving gifts in the new year, you may as well use colored paper

Make several three-dimensional hot air balloon decorations paper packaging bags

There is not only a sense of romance, but also a sense of passion for chasing dreams.



7 Christmas tree rubbing method

Christmas is the peak time for gifts

Christmas tree is one of the most iconic things to express this festival.

Printing or pasting Christmas tree-style handwork on the packing box

It makes people feel friendly and happy during the festival.

Now follow us to carve a Christmas tree with potatoes or apples.

Then dip it in paint and rub the pattern on the wrapping paper.

The method is very simple, but it can make your gift special at once.



8 silk thread packaging

All kinds of silk threads are indispensable in people who like to play handcraft.

Silk thread often has a meaning of connecting emotions in Eastern culture.

Make silk threads of different colors into beautiful decorative patterns

There will be a fresh and warm feeling

Prepare silk thread, cardboard, scissors, etc.

First draw a circle on cardboard and cut it off

Choose the silk thread that likes the color to wrap it up

You can choose the same color or different colors.

Decide the style of the pattern according to your preferences

Finally, paste all kinds of silk decorations on the paper box.

A few simple steps, but make your gift become delicate immediately



9 take-out paper bag packaging method

Modern people are more and more accustomed to eating takeout

Don’t throw all kinds of take-out paper bags received

Can make a lot of interesting and beautiful handcrafts

Today, follow the steps in the figure

Use take-out paper bags to make paper packaging bags gifts

Finally, use the brush to slightly modify the beautiful ribbon.

A very simple and elegant packaging method, learn it



10 more creative packaging methods

Creativity is always endless

Even small gift packaging

As long as you learn to do it attentively

Everyone can play with tens of millions of packaging methods.

In addition to the above, the following creative idea can also be learned

Go to the roadside to pick some pine branches Chinese hawthorn, etc.

Tie it directly to the packing box with hemp rope

There is a kind of primitive nature that makes people feel fresh.

Choose different packaging styles according to the character of the person to be given.

It will make your intentions more apparent.

If it is elegant, you can use feather theme to decorate it.

In addition to the real leaves, this kind of artificial leaves wagashi

It is also an excellent choice for decoration gift box

Tie the small Christmas tree directly to the gift box

I believe that people who receive gifts will treasure it for many years.

If it is made into this kind of three-dimensional, it will have a good visual effect.

Not bad, a little more sneaky design

Decorate the initial letter of the other party’s name

There are many letters wooden board available online

Dip the child’s little hand in paint and rub it on the paper

Draw another A Grandpa for Christmas hat and facial features

Tie the red bowknot, super cute

Give full play to your imagination

Make good use of everything available around you

Let’s make your gift more personal.

Fine energy saving makes people see your intentions

Some small details are different in packaging gifts.

It will make your gifts more conspicuous among many gifts.

It will also make people who receive gifts feel your intentions better.