12+ Super Creative Beautiful String Decoration Ideas

Christmas and New Year’s Day at the end of the year are Carnival, and many people will hold some parties to celebrate. Even if the gathering may be reduced due to the epidemic this year, a large number of people will decorate their homes well. One of the decorations that can best set off the atmosphere is little string. On a winter night, a little string will instantly feel warm and romantic, happy and satisfied. Today, let’s use these 12 kinds of string ideas to decorate our home beautifully, warm and noisy.

1 Garland string

Beautiful Garland can always give people a sense of romance and fairy spirit.

People naturally like to pursue beautiful things.

So add more beautiful elements to important festivals.

It will add more warm memories to relatives and friends.

If you tie a circle of small night lamp on the Garland, the atmosphere is perfect

It can be wound into a circle with thin iron wire as shown in the picture

Or buy a Garland directly online.

Use non-woven cloth to cut some flowers, leaves, etc.

You can decorate things such as pearls and sequins in the center.

Make your flowers look more beautiful and layered

Put the purchased shorter skewer lighting chain on hoop

Then paste the non-woven flower with a hot glue gun.

A beautiful Christmas wreath is finished



2 Wood Christmas tree string

If someone has extra wood blocks at home

Or if you like the ideas below, you can buy some

Make a Christmas tree themed wall decorations

No matter to decorate home, coffee shop, kindergarten, etc.

All kinds of indoor space, once put it on

That corner immediately became shining

First draw the Christmas tree style with cardboard and cut it down

Of course, splint is OK, according to the existing materials

Spray the wood board with red spray paint to dry

Then fix the wood blocks together with special tools.

Paint the Christmas tree White glue and paste it on the board

And nail some nails along the edge of the Christmas tree

Go up the purchased shorter skewer lighting chain

Open such a Christmas lights at night, super blingbling

If you think the above play is more complicated

You can learn the following ideas

Prepare a few sticks or thicker dried branches

Use rope or thin wire to make it into a Christmas tree ladder style

Then wrap the small string and hang it on the wall, super nice ~



3 colorful pineapple string

Many people have played with resin-related creativity.

But in the past, most petals were put into resin.

Or make resin into various jewelry, animals, etc.

Now let’s try to combine them with string to make small ornaments

Prepare branches, rubber molds, watercolor

Mix the pigment and resin according to a certain proportion

Stir evenly

Pour it into the mold, this article is rubber pineapple

Many people also have other styles such as love and butterfly.

You can spend very little money online to buy a lot of mold covers

Wait for eight or nine hours, make it naturally solidified and take it out

Paste the small string into resin pineapple

But I want to find that kind of non-heating GenOptics Aura Essence



4 pine cone Christmas tree string

Now if you walk in the park, you can still pick up a lot of pine cones.

When you see pine cones, you will remember if there are pine trees

The shape of pine cones is naturally suitable for DIY Christmas trees.

Make a few pine cone Christmas trees to decorate the dining table at home

Prepare pine cones, iron cans, Green acrylic paint, non-woven fabrics, etc.

Paint pine cones with green acrylic paint or green paint first

Spray the iron can with white paint

Prepare a bucket and pour red nail polish

Put the tin into it, nail polish will be adsorbed on the tin

Put string into the base made of non-woven fabric

Then stick pine cones on non-woven fabric with hot glue gun

Tie string on pine cone and put it on tin

A mini pine cone Christmas tree is ready



5 handmade flowers decorative string

Many people, especially children, like to do handmade flowers.

Don’t throw away the finished plants and flowers, let’s make Christmas or New Year pendant

Non-woven cloth, crease paper and so on can make beautiful flowers

Use the string bulb as a handmade flowers flower core

Put all kinds of flowers with different shapes on the wall

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to decorate your home beautifully.



6 five-pointed star string

XINGX always gives people a sense of Guiding Light

Just like QMX, guiding the road ahead

Many people like the beautiful meaning of XINGX and make all kinds of handcrafts.

I believe that careful people will find it on the top of the Christmas tree tree.

There will be some five-pointed star decorations to make the tree look better.

Now make a five-pointed star string version to to decorate home

Make fine iron wire into five-pointed star style as shown in the figure

Then wrap the small string up

It can also be decorated with some leaves

The method is very simple, but many people like it

Let your home shine with five-pointed star



7 snowman string

Snowman is definitely one of the most popular creative themes in winter.

There will be first snow or heavy snow in the next week or two.

It’s time to make a snowman again

You can also make some snowman decorations at home.

Add more seasonal elements to your home, such as The Snowman Garland below.

Prepare rings and red ribbons of different sizes

Small string, white spray paint, pine branch Chinese hawthorn and other decorations

Spray the Garland with white paint first

After it dries out, stick it together with a hot glue gun.

Then wrap the bought small string around the Garland

You can directly use the battery box as a snowman’s hat.

Use black non-woven cloth or cardboard to make a tall hat

Paste the finished gentlemen’s hat

Tie a red ribbon around your neck as a scarf

Finally, some small objects decorated with Christmas elements

It opens on Christmas or New Year’s Day, with super atmosphere



8 Health paper tube string

Almost every family has health paper tube, which is definitely a big baby

We have introduced many paper tube ideas

Let’s decorate small strings with them today.

It only takes three simple steps

It can make the lamp have a bar atmosphere

Crop paper tube to the right size

Use puncher to punch small round holes of different sizes

Paste paper tube of different colors in glass paper

Wear the small string on paper tube as shown in the picture

Open them on winter nights, colorful and really nice



9 glass bottle string

Most of the time, we just need to spend more snacks

Can make home more warm and beautiful

These small changes can inadvertently give family a lot of happiness.

Sometimes, create an atmosphere

You can even do nothing

You only need to prepare a few beautiful glass bottles, and then prepare a small string.

Put string into a chic bottle to decorate the dining table

There is a great sense of ceremony for eating



10 pancake house string

At Christmas, in addition to preparing all kinds of big meals, gifts, etc.

Many places still have the habit of eating ginger cakes.

It is better to directly use the element of ginger cake

Make some small ornaments of the shape of the ginger cake cottage to decorate the wall

People can be brought to the Christmas scene at once.

Prepare waste cartons, string, scissors, white paint, etc.

You can use a brush to draw some cabins on white paper first.

Cut it down along the lines of the Painted Cottage

Then take the cut cottage as the template.

Cut out the same size on the carton

Use white acrylic paint to draw roofs, doors and windows, etc.

Wear some small holes in each cabin cardboard

Put the small string through or paste the light cable with a hot glue gun.

Put all the well-made cabins on ropes and hang them up



11 love wool lamp

Love makes people warm no matter when they look at it.

When warm love and warm wool combine

And make a hollow love small light

What effect will it be?

Follow us

Make some unique love lights with wool

Prepare love balloon, red wool, white latex, etc.

Blow the balloon and tie it to a dead knot

Mix white latex with water and put the wool into it

Then wrap the glue wool around the balloon

Stab the balloon after it dries out

Finally, put the small string into it and you’re done.



12 headband Christmas tree string

No matter how good or bad this year is, in the last few days

Give yourself an excuse to relax through double Dan Festival

Welcome the new year with full energy after a good rest

Many people in the party wear hats, headbands and other headdresses.

Now make a Christmas tree and put a small string on it.

You are the most beautiful kid in the whole banquet.

First cut out a long non-woven cloth

Fold it in half and cut out blype with hob or scissors

Then paste the cut non-woven fabric on the cardboard

Surround it as a Christmas tree

Then paste the pompoms of various colors and decorate them.

Wrap the small string around the non-woven Christmas tree

Then paste it on the headband with a hot glue gun

Put on this Christmas tree

You are the unique Santa Claus

Many creative practices are simple. The most important thing is to focus on

Come with us to a festival full of ceremony

Add more warm time to life at the end of the year

If you like today’s creativity, welcome to share more