Christmas Dinner That Can Be Done at Home

Christmas is coming soon

In this warm and gentle Festival

I prefer to prepare a Christmas Dinner for my friends by myself.

The process is a little difficult, but the atmosphere is full.

And my friends are very happy to eat, hahaha! It is said that it will not lose the Christmas Dinner of the restaurant at all!


A wave of exchange of gifts was arranged.

The gifts you have prepared are prepared carefully regardless of the price.

I had so much fun and forgot to take a gift photo

But you can decide what to prepare according to your friends’ preferences.


Christmas package

Staple food


Grilled shrimp

Cola chicken wings



Christmas tree fruit plate

Smiling face (cherry tomatoes with preserved plum)

Strawberry snowman⛄⊙

Broccoli Christmas tree

Potato chips hit fruit

Wish everyone a Merry Christmas in advance