rainbow wool Christmas tree

“ Jingle bells, jingle bells 

Jingle all the way”

Walking on the street, you may have heard the familiar singing everywhere and looked at the Christmas tree filled with gift packages in the street. The occasional smell of hot red wine knows that Christmas is coming. Today, let’s play with all kinds of Christmas trees with us. Use this simple but festive DIY to give the child the last month, leaving a warm and beautiful memory and drawing a complete end.

1 rainbow wool Christmas tree

Color can always make us feel depressed instantly.

This is the magic effect of color

Wool is the warmest thing in winter.

Make a rainbow Christmas tree with colorful wool

I believe many children will like this kind of creativity.

Prepare colored wool, cone paper Christmas tree

Wrap the wool around your hands until the thickness is satisfactory

After cutting it with scissors, prepare a non-woven blype

Paste non-woven fabric on wool with hot glue gun

Then paste the wool on the cone one by one

Each circle is wrapped with a different color until the cone is full.

Put it at home as decoration, which is both beautiful and beautiful