DIY Holiday Cards to Express Your Love

4 Name Card

Name is not only a symbol of one’s identity

It is also unique to many people.

Thinking about that person’s name and all kinds of beautiful pictures

It will become sweet and beautiful involuntarily.

Lovers, friends, relatives, there are always some important names

If you want to remember your whole life, then send the exclusive name card.

Print the name of the other party first.

Use burin to make the middle hollow along the route.

Draw the same size on the card

Also make the middle into hollow shape

Prepare another piece of white cardboard and paste paper adhesive tape and other decorations.

Fold the kraft paper in half and put the white cardboard into it.

Finally, the pattern inside will be printed

You can design many patterns according to your preferences.

Who doesn’t like such a unique and exquisite card?



5 sticker card

Most of the time, manual work does not require excellent skills.

Good creativity, even people who have never done manual work

You can also make amazing works when creating for the first time.

Like the following sticker card is very simple, three-year-old children can also make

Use punches to make multiple wafer colored paper

Whether it is tissue paper, crease paper or paper adhesive tape

Choose according to the existing materials in the home

Fold the white cardboard in half and fold it into a card style

Paste the colored wafer paper with solid glue

Write hello, Happy New Year’s Day or other words with a brush

Finally, write the blessing words you want to say in the card.