DIY Cards to Convey Love

Christmas, New Year’s Day, Spring Festival……All kinds of festivals piled up at the end of the year make people very happy. There are also various names to get together, eat, drink and have fun. Of course, it is also a good time to contact your feelings.
In addition to preparing exquisite gifts There are also cards that can’t be less, use them to help you express your mind. Today, specially prepared some card ideas Use self-made cards to help you close your relationship with others. And all major holidays, birthdays, and other important moments can be used.

1 small flower paper-cut card

The flower theme is one of the children’s favorite themes. Cut out all kinds of small flowers on colored paper, Or draw a small flower shape directly on white paper. Paint with a brush, and then cut off the flowers. Paste the cut flowers on the white cardboard, Finally, draw a line and a few leaves with a black marker pen, A few very chic and thoughtful flower cards are ready,


2 Three-dimensional love card

Love is always the most direct way for us to express love.

So we will create all kinds of love shapes.

If you can prepare a gift, you can make a three-dimensional Red love card.

Can immediately let the other party feel your full love

First draw the shapes of love and leaves on white paper

Cut it along the drawn line with scissors

Prepare a white cardboard and fold it in half

Use the cut heart as the template on the red cardboard

Cut out multiple hearts of the same size

Cut leaves and roots on green colored paper

Collage it as shown in the figure on white cardboard

And half off the cut other hearts

Paste one piece in a suitable position with solid glue

The last very three-dimensional love card is ready

Write down your greetings and send out your love



3 lollipop card

Lollipops always give people a sweet feeling

Their sweet taste leaves a beautiful mark on many people’s childhood.

Make a lollipop card

I hope the life of the other party can be sweet all the time.

It is a very good wish, and it is super simple to do

Prepare a white cardboard, still half off

Prepare two twist sticks to twist them together

Learn the pattern 1 circles in this article again

Stick the twist stick on the cardboard with a hot glue gun

Draw the Stick style of lollipop with a brush

Tie a bow with a colored ribbon will make you feel more festive

You can write the sentence you want to say most on the cover.