30 + plastic bottles into treasure to learn how to play

Five plastic flowers hanging ornaments

Plastic bottles are often made into various small flowers by children.

The finished flowers can not only be made into bottle flowers to decorate the home.

You can also learn to put on a string to set off the atmosphere.

Especially the Mid-Autumn Festival is coming soon, make a bunch of super scenes.

Prepare acrylic paint, glue, scissors, plastic bottles, etc.

Cut the plastic bottle from the bottom with scissors

Only small flower-like parts at the bottom are left

Cut multiple plastic bottles can be made into a group

To put your jewelry and other small items

You can also spray them to make a string of flowers.

On another part of plastic bottles

Cut out some plastic pieces similar to leaves

Apply or spray green paint to dry

You can directly keep the original look

You can also put them on candles and roast them on fire.

It will have some curve feeling and texture.

Finally, put on a string and hang it where you want to turn it.