30 + plastic bottles into treasure to learn how to play

Four storage bucket

All kinds of plastic bottles, plastic barrels, etc.

Naturally suitable for use as storage pieces

But the mouth of the plastic bottle is relatively small, so it is a little challenging to put things.

You can learn the creativity in this article and cut it into two halves.

Use wool to weave and so on to make a bag that can be hung.

Lego, pinpindoudou and other gadgets put into children are super suitable

Use a puncher to make a round hole in the plastic bottle

Use matting tool to wipe off excess patterns on plastic bottles

Paint plastic bottles with acrylic or spray paint

Weaving with wool at the round hole

You can find basic weaving methods on the Internet.

Decide the length of the wool part according to your needs

Finally, put on the belt that can carry hands or back, etc.

You can also use sequins, sponge cloth, and other decorations to stick

Once you learn specific methods, all kinds of bottles can be played.

It is also very convenient to use as a small bag for children.