30 + plastic bottles into treasure to learn how to play

Three balloon jellyfish

The aquarium is one of the favorite places for children to go on weekends.

Let them observe those submarine creatures.

After returning home, I will create a mini underwater world with my children.

Jellyfish, goldfish, seaweed give full play to children’s creativity

Use manual or experimental methods to make a simple version

Prepare a colorful balloon pattern, blow it into a ball and tighten it

Prepare some wool and tie it under the balloon.

Make balloons and wool into jellyfish style.

Put water in the plastic bottle and put the balloon in

You can also drip a bit of blue pigment to make it feel more Marine.

Prepare some sponge paper or cardboard to cut out goldfish, seaweed, etc.

Paste all kinds of cut objects on the periphery of the bottle

A straightforward but valuable sea view is ready