30 + plastic bottles into treasure to learn how to play

Two mini bag

There is no absolute waste in the world; just put it in the right place

Even all kinds of shampoo bottles and bath bottles we have used up

Cut it with scissors, then install colorful beads handle, etc.

You can turn it into a mini bag and continue to use it

Cut the bottle as shown in the figure first.

Use a marker pen to draw the part to be cut off

Cut off the excess amount along the drawn line

Use a puncher to make round holes on the left and right sides

Wear your favorite colorful beads into the thin iron wire

Then put the wire into the round hole and fix it

The round hole is also inserted in the middle of the bottle.

Fixed colorful beads as a button

Look, a simple small bag is finished

It is more than enough to put some small objects

Do more, and even give it as a gift to my friends