30 + plastic bottles into treasure to learn how to play

15 more creative ways

As long as the plastic bottle is used, new ways can always be found.

Never let your mind be imprisoned by common sense.

Instead, we should constantly think and practice to make more creative DIY

After learning the apple bag method just now

You can also draw inferences from one example to another to make a pig, owl, and other styles.

Or make all kinds of cute animal babies to kill time

Don’t just think about manual play, but also become practical household utensils

It is suitable to put sanitary paper tube, spoon, knife, and fork, etc.

Only need a few hooks and plastic bottles

The kitchen can be stored more neatly.

Make a cute matryoshka doll pen container for children

All kinds of laundry detergent bottles are used as bookshelves after being washed

It is beneficial to store children’s books in different categories

Make a pendant similar to the picture

Make the phone easier to use when charging

Get more potted plants like this on the balcony or in the garden

Full of Children’s Fun

Newspapers and magazines are stored more neatly

With children, use waste bottles at home, etc.

Make all kinds of cars for fun.

If there are enough bottles, change the lampshade for the lamp.

Give full play to the brain hole and make more Elf cabins to play.

Make it into a small trash can or storage bucket

Super cute with snacks or other small items

If you like ocean elements, make a fish ornament

Add more natural ingredients to the window

After watching so many plastic bottles

Do you think thinking is considerably opened

It turns out that plastic bottles still have so many magical uses.

Prepare relevant tools on weekends.

Through manual work, come to accompany the baby with high quality

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