30 + plastic bottles into treasure to learn how to play

12 elf Cottage

Imagination, what an excellent existence

Because of all kinds of imagination

Only then can so many charming things be created

Elves with cute wings can help realize many dreams

Whether they exist or are just pure imaginations

Children have spent an entire childhood because of their existence.

Use all kinds of plastic bottles to make the elf cabin, and imagine an entity.

Prepare pine cones, leaves, and flowers, plastic bottles, scissors, etc.

First, use a marker pen to draw the shape of the house on the plastic bottle

Then use an art knife to carve it along the drawn line.

Paint doors and windows with a brush

Break pine cones as shown in the figure

Then paste it on the bottle cap with a hot glue gun to make the roof

Paste the prepared branches, flowers, etc., in a suitable position.

A small and lovely elf hut is finished

A beautiful home for children little doll