30 + plastic bottles into treasure to learn how to play

11 plastic flowers

It is similar to the jewelry method above.

If you like flowers and worry about the short flowering period

You might as well use plastic bottles to make more handmade flowers for decoration.

Or make a gift for others is a perfect choice.

First, cut the plastic bottle into the shape shown in the figure.

Then decorate the surroundings to make a flower style

Wear a small hole in the middle

Use tweezers for baking plastic pieces on candle fire

Until the shape you want is baked

Use a green plastic sheet to make the shape of leaves

Still use fire to bake a specific shape

Then cut the bottle of the same color into thin strips

Wrap it around the fine wire and roast it on fire.

Fix the blade on the wire in the same way

Finally, enter the prepared petals, leaves, etc.

Decide the fluffy feeling according to your preferences

It is not tricky, need you to be patient

You can make very exquisite plastic roses