30 + plastic bottles into treasure to learn how to play

The frequent occurrence of natural disasters makes more and more people begin to reflect.  Are we overdemanding nature? Are we making too many things beyond the Earth’s load? Environmental protection has become the theme we have to pay attention to. It is also an important content that requires us to think hard and teach our children. Turn waste into treasure by hand. Let a lot of seemingly waste goods after the transformation of both hands Re-use the waste heat for a more extended period.  Let’s reduce the burden on the Earth through what we can do. Plastic bottles, plastic bowls are today’s theme.

One plastic bottle flowerpot

Many people have the habit of raising Microphyte.

Succulent, orchid, cactus, green radish, and other plants

You can see it at various desks, schools, homes, etc.

In addition to ordinary bottles and cans, you can also use plastic bottles to transform some.

Make some flowerpots that are more lovely and more in line with your preferences.

For example, the little fox and other flowerpots to be introduced at this moment are particularly cute.

Draw Fox shape on the bottle with marker pen first

Cut out the bottle along the painted line

Apply gray or another base color to the bottle first

According to the style in drawing paper, draw a fox head on the bottle

The final result is as shown in the figure.

Please put it in the plants you want to cultivate, and you are done.