Inspiration Home | 95 square meters small apartment full of artistic sense

Today, I would like to share a small 95 ㎡ apartment located in Zakharova, Minsk, Belarus. The whole apartment runs through various round elements, full of artistic atmosphere, expensive and advanced!


The modern chandelier is the most eye-catching part of the living room. Only the gray-blue sofa can compete with it. The same color carpet extends the quiet and soft atmosphere further.


The minimalist wall is decorated with a circular decorative painting corresponding to the chandelier’s ball lampshade. The black wall lamp extends from the circular mounting plate, highlighting the circular theme.



The round-nested coffee table is placed in the center of the living room carpet. The black and white color matching and the decorative painting on the wall form a round minimalist aesthetics. Glass showcases are placed under the arch, with books and some collections.



A small flat-screen TV is placed on the TV cabinet with ribbed doors. The white storage cabinet on the wall echoes the black and white color, matching again with the TV combination. The TV wall is designed with ceramic tiles and extends along the entrance to the whole wall.



There is a hidden storage area on the wall of the entrance. Three square stools are collected in the gap under the simple panel door. The gray front door stands out on the beige wall.


The ceiling is equipped with a round ceiling lamp, and there are two hidden doors on the wall at the other end, behind which is another storage room.



There is also a huge round mirror on the wall, which brings the round theme of the living room to the entrance.



The sliding glass door behind the living room sofa leads to an independent kitchenette, and there is also a neat dining area in the kitchen.


The space here is almost divided into two parts, which are used for cooking and eating respectively. The semicircular wall mount is decorated on the other half of the blank wall.



A row of round chandeliers hung over the round table, surrounded by four curvy bronze dining chairs.



The kitchenette is equipped with cabinets. Three rows of closets are on one side of the L-shaped wall, and full-height cabinets occupy the other side. There is also a round chopping board on the table.



Although the house is small, the master bedroom has a very comfortable combination of Home Office and dressing room. For the homeowner who is engaged in fashion making, the sewing machine is perfectly placed here.


The Glass Closet door can see the display of the whole clothing and inspire inspiration. The matching shoebox is squeezed on the L-shaped wardrobe base. Office supplies and sewing supplies are placed neatly on the shelves above the table.



In the bedroom is a floor bed with a herringbone fabric headboard. The mattress has two shades of blue-green, creating a sense of layering.


A round black modern wall lamp looks like a lunar eclipse, and on the other side is a chandelier. Here we see more possibilities for bedroom chandeliers.



There is a dark Sienna cushion on the seat by the window, which can be heated by the vertical radiator next to it. The carpet also brings softness to the floor.



The TV wall in the bedroom is covered with white panels. Beside the TV, a semicircular ledge is matched with the kitchen, which is used to place the tablet computer.



The bathroom is paved with a shallow granite board—the wash table transitions from the black washbasin on the top to the gray locker below.


The edge shine of the round cosmetic mirror forms a circle of Halo. Black wall-mounted toilets, accessories, and showers all echo the washbasin.



In this minimalist children’s room, a smiling face says hello to us. Two children’s beds are placed on the side along the wall, leaving space for the study area. Bronze lampshade brings a warm tone to this white-dominated room.



Between the two single beds, there is a white and light green geometric carpet. A mural with the theme of planets occupies the wall on the other side, and the round white wall lamp integrates with planets and the moon.



The shower wall of the bathroom in the master bedroom is covered with bronze tiles, and the red stool is used to place toiletries when bathing. The heated towel rack, washbasin, and showerhead are all black, echoing the master bathroom.



The bathtub is also covered with the same tiles, and the sky blue washbasin and shelves light up the whole space.


Black wall lamps and oval mirrors form the wash area.