Crafts | Go outside and pick up some branches to play with, these 10 ideas are fun to learn!

Spelling your name with branches is something many people have done.

The letters can also be placed in the living room as interior decoration.

Just prepare some attachments, colored wool, etc.

Play with children

Finally, the letters can also be used as a jewelry rack necklace bracelet.

Three triangle Garland

Make a lovely wreath at home and put it on the door or wall.

It not only plays a decorative role.

It can make family members feel loved because of them.

In previous articles, we have introduced round Garland many times.

Today, let’s make another particular triangle branch Garland.

Prepare branches, hemp rope, scissors, flowers and plants, rubber bands, etc.

First, put the branches in the shape of a triangle.

Fix it in two pairs with rubber bands

Cut out some hemp rope and tie it at the intersection of the stick

Finally, connect the prepared flowers and plants into small bunches

Fix it at the bottom of the triangle branch with a rope

Although the method is simple, the decoration effect is perfect

You can make your home more beautiful without spending a penny.

Change some new patterns from time to time to bring more surprises to your family

4 XINGX hanging ornaments

XINGX is a very common ornament

In streets, shopping malls, parks, kindergartens, and other places

You can see its dazzling figure.

In addition to those XINGX lights and XINGX ornaments made manually

We can also directly use branches to make some

It is perfect for decorating the classroom or your home.

Use a hot glue gun to make wood stick into a five-pointed star

Then apply white or other colors of acrylic paint

Well-made branches XINGX can be directly put up as ornaments

You can also wrap some silk threads and other decorations on the components.

Hang it by the window and outdoors where you want to decorate

When the sun shines through the slit, don’t have a sense of beauty.

It can even be directly made into mini XINGX

Make a long hanging decoration kindergarten

Or for parties with natural themes

Let these branches bring us the more natural atmosphere

Five college wall painting

We need beauty to nourish our spirit.

Beauty is everywhere; it not only requires us to discover

It is also necessary to create a beautiful space with both hands.

Pick up some branches and stones and go home to make a wall painting.

Prepare branches, rocks, scissors, hot glue gun, drawing board, etc.

Stick the components on the drawing board with a hot glue gun

Make the shape you want

It can be as shown in the figure after pasting the branches

Add some flowers and plants to make it more natural

Use stones and components to make some figures or others

It looks super cute and artistic

6 Love coasters

Chinese people are used to drinking hot water and also like drinking hot water.

All kinds of coasters are indispensable.

In addition to the various coasters on the market

You can also use branches and waste cartons to make a few directly.

Made into a heart-shaped coaster, as shown in the picture, it is both beautiful and funny.

First, fold the paper in half, draw half a heart shape and cut it off

Draw the same size heart on the carton with writing as a template

And cut out a group of careful souls as a cup holder

You can color the carton with red acrylic paint

Then cut the branches to a suitable length.

Paste it on the carton in turn with a hot glue gun

Can retain the original color of branches

You can also color them with acrylic paint

Make more love coasters according to your preferences

7 Vase decoration

Spring is coming, all kinds of plants and flowers decorations are indispensable.

Whether you buy flowers or go to the roadside to pick some

These flowers always bring more diversity to the family

In the articles of a few days ago, we introduced various decorative vases.

The flower is so beautiful; how can the vase be inferior! 18 kinds of beautiful flowers DIY make the home warmer

Today, take advantage of branches to make your vase better.

Prepare the container for flowers, which can be the jar, as shown in the figure.

Can also be a variety of glass bottles

Cut out the fine branches according to the size of the bottle & can.

As shown in the picture, if there is cotton mesh, you can also paste it for a circle.

Paste the cut branches in turn with a hot glue gun.

Until the entire bottle & can periphery is entirely pasted

You can also use the silk binding method

Wrap the branches around

Or use acrylic paint to color the branches

Make them brighter and more rainbow-like

Eight bird nest

Easter is coming soon

All kinds of rejuvenating device themes can also be done manually

To make a branch caveolae for these eggs

With these childlike handcrafts

Come to plump children’s Childlife

Circle the branches into the shape shown in the figure

Do more small circle

Then wrap it together to make a bird’s nest

Put on handmade eggs made by children

Or small animals such as chickens and birds

It seems that they are new creatures in spring to give you good news

Nine mini chair

Friends who like to make all kinds of small furniture

Now don’t miss this small chair made of branches

Make a secret garden or an elf Cottage

Let these small branches chair add bricks and tiles to the mini home

Prepare attachments, scissors, hot glue gun, etc.

I am first gardening scissors into small pieces.

Then use a hot glue gun to paste the branches according to the steps shown in the figure.

After learning specific production methods

Make multiple chairs with different shapes, tables, etc.

Then put some fruit snacks on the table, etc.

The super exciting decoration furniture is finished

Ten fun graffiti

We often say that everything can be painted.

It can be used not only as a canvas but also as a drawing tool.

Pick up various branches of different thicknesses and go home

Let the Children doodle the image in their minds on it

Take them to punch in outdoors, cool ~

Did you feel excited after watching these branches?

Branches are continuously renewable materials.

For children’s art and manual Enlightenment

Not only can they love nature more and be close to nature

They can also open their minds

Let children learn to see problems from different angles

I hope everyone likes today’s content.

Take a walk outdoors on weekends and pick up more branches and go home to play!