Inspiration Home | 93 ㎡ Two Bedroom, the Whole House Wood Veneer Causes Extreme Comfort

Today’s introduction is located in Moscow, Russia, with a total area of 93 ㎡, two bedrooms and one living room.

A large color-blocking painting at home constitutes the color tone of the whole house, and the light strip above greatly improves the texture of the decoration.

Using wood decorative panels as the extension of the door, the owners of low-rise buildings can learn from it.

The suspended design of the sofa makes the space look much lighter. The green tones on the wall and the ground form a unified whole.

The partition of the wall is well integrated with the wall, rendering the space atmosphere. The TV wall has a very unique shape, and the two wide columns behind form an interesting angle, becoming a partition if there is nothing.

The kitchen is integrated with a space that combines logs with marble and glass materials. The material levels are very rich.