If You Want to Build a Garden in a Small Apartment, You Can’t Lose These

The balcony itself of the small apartment is not enough space, and many owners also like to plant some plants and flowers. If you want a small garden, it will make the balcony too crowded. Today share some design cases of balcony flower stands for everyone so that your small balcony can also have a small garden, which is neatly arranged and super beautiful!

The most common flower stand is probably such a vertical flower stand. The wooden frame can withstand exposure. Even if it changes color and becomes old, it has a special flavor.

vertical flower stand

The second is a plastic flower stand. White and Black are common, and the price will be lower. The style is generally fashionable, which is very beautiful on the balcony.

plastic flower stand

If you don’t like the ordinary style, you can consider giving it a lattice, so you can plant some plants that need to climb vines and hang up, but the area occupied will be larger.

The most recommended choice is a flower stand in the shape of a ladder, which covers a small area, has various styles, and looks good. It is very suitable to buy one and plant flowers on the balcony.

flower stand in the shape of a ladder

Or triangular and trapezoid high shelf, this type of flower stand will be relatively high, which can use the space of wall and corner, and the ground space will not be wasted, which is very suitable for small apartment.

This flower stand is shared, mainly because it like its retro style very much. All kinds of color numbered drawers, and retro colors are very stylish. Everyone can also take the old cabinet at home to DIY this style, which is very beautiful.

You can also create some shelves by yourself by the window, which saves you from buying extra flower stands. When you are working as a carpenter, you can ask the master to do a good job and put down the folding table, enjoy the leisure weekend ~

There is also a special place, that is, using the top of washbasin, most of the small apartment washbasin and washing machines are placed on the balcony, on which you can consider making shelves to put some green plants, or directly hanging on the wall, in this way, it will not occupy space.

After reading so many balcony flower stands, do you have the impulse to buy a flower stand and put it on your own balcony immediately? Although our small-sized balcony may also bear the responsibility of drying clothes, with these small flower stands, it can be more beautiful ~ Qijia small dishes recommend you to buy ladder-shaped ones, it can be put into the bathroom for storage without planting flowers ~