10 Ways To Turn Old Toys Into Treasure

Practical photo stickers


Many people use the blackboard to stick notes or photos.

If you want to make your small blackboard more personalized

You may as well paste the child’s doll and magnet together.

Use them to fix photos and so on to have a feeling of old-time

Prepare acrylic paint or spray paint, little doll, etc.

Color the dolls first and wait for them to dry.

Then paste a magnet with a hot glue gun on the part of the doll.

It can be used as refrigerator magnets after being finished

Fixed photos and warm and convenient sign super convenient

There are many kinds of old toys

These described in today’s article are only a few parts.

Let us have more inspiration

There is no real waste in this world.

Just like there is no real loser

Just use the right place

All people and things can shine brightly

I hope you can like the idea of turning waste into treasure today.

You are also welcome to share it with more people in need.