10 Ways To Turn Old Toys Into Treasure

Reuse children’s car toys

Make a large bale of cotton and put it in the car, which is much more convenient to use

Just prepare some spray paint and a hot glue gun.

Can make your bottle & can lid instantly different

Bottles decorated with old toys are not only more beautiful

It is more convenient to use

In addition to the above, the car is decorated around the mirror.

It can also be pasted on a wooden stick or iron rod

It is also very suitable to use it as a hook

In addition to cars, various animal dolls can also be used.

Use them to store necklaces, bracelets, etc. Super artistic

Have you ever thought about it? Just one more step

Your little dinosaur and other dolls can be turned into dinner plate brackets.

Especially when inviting children to party at home

If you use some, it will be particularly clever

Friends who like homemade jewelry and cool style

Try to make small toys such as dinosaurs into ear studs.

Wearing it to go out, super unique, full of fashion