10 Ways To Turn Old Toys Into Treasure

Nowadays, many children grow up with various toys.

But with the growth of age, some toys will be forgotten by the owner.

It’s a pity to throw it away, but I’m not willing to give it away.

It is better to follow us to turn waste into treasure.

There are too many recyclable Utilization methods for old toys

Today, let’s introduce some interesting ideas.

Let our old toys shine and heat again in our hands.

Changing creativity of old toys

No matter what material, as long as you dare to think and practice

You can always find many fresh and interesting ways to play.

Children’s cars can be turned into lamps.

It is full of industrial style at once, which brings different feelings to the family.

Small dinosaurs drill a few small holes, which can be used as toothbrush holders.

If you think something is missing at home, use Wall painting to make up for it.

Paste old toys on wall painting

It is a lovely ornament

Sometimes I am afraid that it will be closed after opening the door.

You might as well make a door contact

If children have enough toy cars

Paste it on the outside of the mirror, super shocking

All kinds of rings, necklaces, etc.

You can also use children’s toys to turn waste into treasure.

Pack a variety of jewelry, both personalized and easy to organize

If you dislike buying lamps that are too single or the same

Paste all kinds of Lego little dolls below

Sewing and Thumbtack, etc., which are often used by hand