Top 10 Teacher’s Day Card DIY Ideas in 2021

 The annual Teacher’s Day is coming soon.

All kinds of small gifts can be prepared now

Of course, there are greeting cards to express your various emotions.

Before the festival comes, make some by yourself.

Let them help you convey what you want to express

Use greeting cards to keep your gratitude to teachers

10 kinds of Greeting Cards DIY, prepare relevant materials to do together

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Tell the teachers in advance: Happy Teachers’ Day!

1 Salt painting card


Salt painting is a very familiar drawing method.

It will be more interesting to use it directly as a greeting card

Just prepare some white cardboard, colored salt

First, use paper adhesive tape to post patterns or letters on the paper.

Apply white latex elsewhere

Sprinkle colored salt according to your preference

Shake off the excess salt and tear off paper adhesive tape

A simple but artistic greeting card is ready