How do you usually deal with waste crayon?

10 Crayon Letter Name


You can see your good partner again after school starts.

Prepare some small gifts for them carefully

You can buy some letter molds online.

Make your partner’s name pinyin and send it to ta

It’s just a simple action, but it can warm people’s hearts

Let the new school year have a brand new beginning full of love

Match the color on the paper in advance

Then put crayons of the corresponding color into the mold.

Still, put it in the oven and bake it for ten minutes at low temperature

If there is no oven, it can also be boiled with boiling water

You can also add some decorations such as face powder or sequins.

Put the well-made name letters into the gift bag

Use them to light up the new school year

Have you seen so many crayons?

Especially all kinds of cute gifts

Use them as gifts for school opens for friends or teachers

It is both commemorative and practical.

As long as you change the angle, you will always find anything

Can have a new usage, play a new light

Therefore, never be restricted by common sense.

Keep exploring and practicing more interesting new ways

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