How do you usually deal with waste crayon?

 Drawing is a way for children to decompress and express themselves.

Picasso said, “children are born artists.”

Just give them brushes, drawing paper, and other tools.

You can continuously draw a lot of amazing content.

Crayons are one of the children’s favorite brushes.

How do you usually deal with a waste crayon?

It is impossible to throw away, these ways to turn waste into treasure

Can learn to maximize the use of crayons

Today, Touchbox has prepared 10 crayons.

It can not only turn waste into treasure but also make crayons work again.

You can also make all kinds of small gifts for friends and teachers after school starts.

What are you waiting for? Come and play with us

1 Bunny

The bunny of COH love always captures people’s hearts easily.

If you like to make desserts, friends with all kinds of molds at home

Crayon can be directly put into the mold for reshaping.

For example, this is how the rabbit crayon to be shared at this moment is made.

Prepare crayon and rabbit head molds.

Break the crayons into small pieces and put them into the mold

Then put it in the oven and bake it for 15-20 minutes at low temperature.

Take it out and wait for it to cool. It is a super cute rabbit crayon

You can add more to the gift bag and give it to your friends

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