Christmas ideas DIY to Create Christmas atmosphere

This article is for friends to share a few Christmas ideas DIY, let full of Christmas atmosphere into your home; I hope the following DIY can bring you more inspiration, together to create a strong Christmas atmosphere!

Wool Christmas Tree practice:

1) prepare a white foam Christmas tree model, and the cream white coarse yarn is gone. I put thick double-sided adhesive tape on the top of the beginning, and the wool sticks to the double-sided adhesive tape, as the model circles to the bottom, then add a sense of layering in a few circles. Finally, it is fixed with double-sided adhesive tape. If there is hot glue at home, it is better to use hot glue ~

2) the base at the bottom is removed from a broken Christmas tree at home, then when the base of this Christmas tree, add a XINGX toothpick to fix it on the top! Decorate Christmas decorations on it with Hot Melt Adhesive fixed! Very cute ~

Christmas wreath practice:

1) The Garland model bought in a one-yuan store is tied with cream white wool. The beginning can be fixed with thick double-sided adhesive tape or hot glue!

2) then use the small garland bought from the one-yuan store to bundle a circle, and then use hot glue to fix cotton, Chinese cinnamon, orange slices, pine cones, etc., with ribbons and add Christmas bells!

Small fur ball Christmas tree:

1) Small fur balls stick to the Christmas foam model with Hot Melt Adhesive, add decorative ornament ball and ribbon, and decorate a XINGX at the bottom; the bottom is fixed on the Hot Melt Adhesive with a small wooden stick with a small wooden board, and then inserted into the Christmas foam model from the bottom! It’s really very simple, and you can do it at home ~