Pink and White Niche Roses Full of Gentle Atmosphere

The day with flowers is so beautiful. Last week, I added some flowers to my family for Valentine’s Day. I was crazy about roses as soon as I arrived at this season. Roses are really the most complete variety and colorful flowers. Let’s introduce three niche roses this time.

The Juliet Tower

The orange pink flower head is a bouquet of roses large. Although it has not been counted as a niche in the past two years, the price is becoming more and more friendly, but it is still a player in the flower face value field, every time you have it, you can’t help appreciating it all the time.

Baby bubble bridal bubble

Gentle and pure milky white a bouquet of roses, with medium flower head size and lovely petals. I received this bunch, which is not very fresh. In the fresh state, it is as beautiful as puff.

Roll flousato

Very retro pink purple small flower head Kenya a bouquet of roses, the color is elegant and special, relatively speaking, the flowering period is longer, it is a beautiful one with single plug and mixed plug.

BTW, bright-colored roses can be used to dry dried flowers before they fade