Make Christmas Wreath by Yourself

Christmas is a healing and dreamy festival. What I expect most from December every year is to dress up my home with fairy tales ~

Christmas wreath can be said to be responsible for the Christmas atmosphere! I prefer the process of doing it by myself to buying it. Every time I do it ~ I feel like weaving fairy tales (~~~~~)


Preparation materials:

▫1. Bunge pine cone

The more types of Bunge pine cone, the better. Bunge pine cones of different sizes and shapes are stacked together to look good.

I have used it➡◆ Pinus tabulaeformis | Yeddo spruce | Larch | Cross fruit | Osmanthus fruit

▫2. Pine branches

▫3. Eucalyptus results

▫4. Jequity Bean

▫5. Hot Melt Adhesive gun | Hot Melt Adhesive

▫6. Nylon rope (or fine wire)

▫7. Pepper | Chinese cinnamon | Dry lemon | Cotton is also a good material choice (you can enrich the Garland according to the materials in your home)


Production steps:

The production process is divided into [curved pine branches] [binding pine branches ring] [rich Garland]]

▪”Step 1:” The purpose of bending pine branches is to make the thick branches of pine branches form a natural Radian, which is easier to form a ring.

▪”Step 2/3:” Initially form a Garland, and loosen the branches and leaves around the branches and then tie them with nylon rope [see figure 5]

▪◆ Step 4: enrich Garland➡◆ jequirity bean, eucalyptus flowers with long branches can be directly fixed on pine branches; Bunge pine cone, Chinese cinnamon, pepper can be fixed with Hot Melt Adhesive

Create Tips:

▫1. The process of tying the Garland must be tight

▫2. Hot Melt Adhesive should be squeezed enough

▫3. It will be more beautiful if the same materials are placed staggered.

▫4. Enrich decorative materials as much as possible