Easy to Make Simulated Food with Non-Woven Cloth

Play as a family, no matter what age children like to play

Let the children “take charge of the family” by playing the game of playing a family.”

It will help to improve their creative enthusiasm and self-confidence.

Non-woven fabric is one of the handmade materials necessary for many families.

Non-woven fabric is rich in color and soft in texture

Strong plasticityUsed to make various replicas, knock off

Whether it’s flowers, animals, or food

It will make people shine at the moment.

Touchbox specially prepared some non-woven Food DIY

Let’s play with our children

Spend happy parent-child time with children

Good works can not only be retained by yourself

It can also be sent as a gift

1 pancake

Many people have the habit of eating pancakes for breakfast.

One egg, some vegetables, and shredded potatoes

Eat a bite, full of happiness and satisfaction

What do parents like to medium purse pancakes?

Let the child make a copy to see how his observation is

Prepare colored non-woven cloth, silk thread, scissors, etc.

Cut non-woven fabrics of different colors into corresponding shapes, such as vegetables.

Then cut out a large wafer as a pancake noodle

Put the cooked vegetables, sausages, etc.

Wrap it up as shown in the figure

You can also add two more eggs, etc.

Seal with needle and thread after packing

A simple but very vivid pancake is ready

2 cupcake

Few children don’t like all kinds of cupcakes.

I often pass by cake shops.

My child will ask me to buy one and try it

After tasting the perfect food

It is better to let children observe the desserts they see.

After returning home, use non-woven fabric to make a few by yourself

Pretend that the shopkeeper sells it

You can buy special cake paper cups online.

You can also use colored paper or wrapping paper to make some by yourself.

Cut out a large non-woven wafer.

Wrap the wafer as shown in the figure and put it on the needle thread

Stuffed with cotton and other things to make it more fluffy

Prepare another cake lid of the same size

Sew small flowers, cactus, and other decorations

Put the cake lid and the previous round bag together into the paper cup

A simple but sweet cupcake is finished

3 Non-woven French fries

French fries are one of the snacks that many children like to eat.

Soft and glutinous, take a bite, the energy immediately recovers

But because it is fried food

Therefore, parents will still restrain their children.

In China, there are two idioms called wan mei to stop thirst and draw cakes to satisfy hunger.

If you can’t eat it at ordinary times, you can also make simulated food to relieve your appetite.

First, draw on the white paper as shown in the figure

Cut off the paper and use it as a template.

Draw the same size on non-woven fabric

Cut it down along the drawn line

Fold the cut yellow non-woven fabric in half from the middle

And cut out blype with the same length and width at the bottom as shown in the figure.

If you want to make French fries into decorations, decoration schoolbag, and other things

It can also be used to learn literature and be creative and wear paper clip

Sew a small round slice in the middle or sew an abbreviated name

Half-fold it and seal it

Roll up the cut yellow non-woven cloth

Then stitch and put it into a small pocket

A mini but interesting French fries are finished

4 macarons

Colorful macarons naturally give people a sweet feeling.

Although some people cannot accept the sweetness of macarons

But most people are very fond of the appearance of macarons fruit color.

Especially if you prepare some at the banquet, the atmosphere will be immediately available.

For children to get together, besides eating, it is more suitable for playing together.

Follow us to make some colorful macarons with a non-woven cloth.

Prepare non-woven cloth, scissors, needlework, etc.

Cut the non-woven fabric into a small round slice, as shown in the figure.

Wear the periphery of the wafer with needle thread

Insert some fluffy things such as cotton

Seal with needle and thread

If you observe, you will find that there will be a layer of frosting in the middle of the macarons.

Use another non-woven cloth to clip it in the middle

Then stitch it up as shown in the figure

Cut off excess cloth and silk thread

In addition to handpieces, The Good macarons

It can also be used as a pet toy for dogs and cats to play with.

5 Mini burgers

In the preceding article, we shared the practice of mini french fries.

Now let’s match a set meal and make a mini hamburger.

What do you like about hamburgers?

In advance, you can use a non-woven cloth to make vegetables, beef, eggs, and other things.

Then follow the steps in this article to make a super-feeling hamburger.

First, cut the colored non-woven fabric as shown in the figure.

Then cut out the shape of bread on yellow non-woven cloth

Stitch up the meat slices and vegetable leaves in turn

Finally, the toast above should leave some space

A mini hamburger is ready

It can be used as a brooch or bag ornaments, or other

Add more fun to life with these mini objects

6 pumpkin

Although it is not Halloween now

But pumpkin is still one of the themes that many people make with handwork.

We have introduced using the paper tube, foam, eggs, etc., to make pumpkin before.

Now use non-woven fabric to make a small pumpkin pendant

If you have mastered the method, you can also make an oversized version as a pillow

Prepare colored non-woven cloth, silk thread, scissors, etc.

Cut the non-woven fabric into the blade, as shown in the figure.

Use a sewing machine or needle thread to stitch it into a three-dimensional small melon.

Turn it over, put it in cotton and other things and turn it to the other side.

When the whole pumpkin is full of cotton, it can be stitched.

Finally, the handle is made of brown non-woven cloth.

Green non-woven fabric makes several leaves sewed at corresponding positions.

A small and simple pumpkin is ready at handpieces.

7 sandwiches

Most of the time, modern people order takeout to solve their diet.

But for the sake of health, it is the most economical and affordable to bring Bento.

In addition to all kinds of cooking, you can also make homemade sandwiches, sushi, etc.

Now follow us to use non-woven cloth

Make vegetable leaves, toast, fried egg, etc.

As if it was a bread burger before slicing

First, draw the shape of the blade on the white paper and cut it off

Cut the same size on the non-woven fabric with the cut paper as the template

Use a marker pen to draw leaf texture on the cut blade non-woven fabric

Then embroidery along with the painted texture with needlework

To make the leaves more textured, you can also sew two leaves together.

Use white and yellow non-woven fabric to make a fried egg

Brown non-woven fabric toast, etc.

Clip it up as if it was a delicious breakfast

Today, I just briefly introduced several simulated foods.

In addition to non-woven fabric, you can also give full play to your thinking.

Use all kinds of paper, brickearth, cloth, and other materials

Make delicious and realistic food or other things

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