7 Quick & Easy Kids Umbrella Crafts That ANYONE Can Make | hand-painted umbrella

5 hand-painted umbrella

Painting is a child’s nature.

They are born with a strong perception of color.

You only need a little guidance to draw amazing works.

If your child also likes painting, draw an umbrella for fun.

First, draw the pattern as shown in the figure on the white paper

Fill colors with brushes layer after layer

Is there a feeling of playing in the secret garden?

Parents and Friends only need to prepare brushes or paints, etc.

Children can use them to create works with a great aura.

Finally, cut it along the painted line with scissors.

Then stick the two sides with glue

Use twisted sticks or popsicles as umbrellas

Fix it on the umbrella surface with a hot glue gun

Doing this kind of handwork is more fun to experience painting.

6 umbrella pasteup

Many touching stories happen on rainy days.

You can also sit by the window when it rains.

Observe pedestrians coming and going to imagine their stories.

Then create it into literature or painting works, etc.

If you also like this intention, come and make Zhang paste together.

First, draw the umbrella style and handle on white paper

Cut the umbrella surface and paint it with a brush

Both Mark pen and crayon coloring are lovely

Cut out some little people on colored paper

Paste the cut parts with solid glue

Finally, paste the good umbrella in a suitable position.

Paste sequins or draw some droplets, etc.

A very story-like card is ready

7 paper pallet umbrella

The disposable paper tray is the handmade material we often use.

Many people will spare some.

After the party, don’t throw away the paper pallet used up.

Wash it as a child’s handmade material

The plasticity of the paper pallet is extreme, and the hardness is also very suitable.

Now, follow the steps in this article to make a paper pallet umbrella

Prepare paper pallet, acrylic paint, hot glue gun, colorful beads, wool, etc.

Cut Paper pallet pairs first.

Use scissors to cut a certain Arc under the paper pallet

Draw umbrella iconic plaid with a marker pen

Paint with a brush

Could you wait for it to dry?

Put colorful beads on the rope.

Use a hot glue gun or tape to paste colorful beads lines on an umbrella noodle shop.

Cut out the handle style with the other half of the paper pallet

Paste it in the center of the umbrella surface, and you are done

We often say that children’s education should be based on time and local conditions.

When it rains, take out the appropriate materials in the home.

Learn the creativity in this article and make some umbrellas.

Enrich children’s holiday memories by hand

At the same time, they also exercise their many abilities, such as active thinking and creation.

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