7 Quick & Easy Kids Umbrella Crafts That ANYONE Can Make | Origami Umbrella


Now the peak of rain is coming all over the country.

On rainy days, staying indoors is the choice of many people.

How to accompany children on rainy days?

It is better to make some umbrellas for DIY.

Give full play to children’s brain holes and creativity

Look at these creative handcrafts he shared today.

What more interesting and personalized DIY can you play?

These umbrellas to be introduced today are not only hand-created

It can also be really used to decorate drinks, gifts, cards, etc.

What are you waiting for? Prepare relevant materials to play together!

1 origami umbrella

Small paper, great use

Cut the paper, fold it, and paste it

You can create many beautiful creations

This umbrella to be introduced now is even a hand-disabled party.

Can also make gorgeous origami umbrellas

Finally, it is also a scenery line to make wind chimes hanging in the room.

Cut out multiple discs on colored paper first

Fold the wafer paper in half

Continue to fold it as shown in the figure

Fold multiple round paper pieces in the same way

Stick glue to fix it

In the same step, paste the finished paper in sequence.

Decide the size of the paper umbrella according to your preferences

Finally, spread it out like a small flower

Does it look like the umbrella surface of an umbrella

Prepare another twisted stick to bend into an umbrella handle

Paste it with a hot glue gun

A simple umbrella is finished

If you want to be more beautiful, you can also make some droplets.

Paste it under the umbrella surface and other positions

If you like this kind of creation, you can do more

Finally, use ropes to make them into wind chimes or ornaments.

Come and decorate your child’s room or classroom.