10 Homemade Personalized Photo Frame Keep the Most Beautiful Memories

Time always passes quickly, and the summer vacation is coming to an end.

What memorable moments are there in this summer vacation?

Print out those photos with good memories of life

Put it into a carefully prepared photo frame

As a sense of ritual, welcome a new beginning

In many places, parents will prepare a photo frame before school starts.

Photos such as travel or summer camp for children during summer vacation

Or keep it blank. If there is something pleased after school starts

Shoot it, print it out, put it in

There are also many cherished relatives, friends, and things in daily life.

In this way, we retain the marks of some years.

Today, Touchbox specially prepared 10 photo frames DIY

Prepare relevant materials and work with us ~



1 Shell photo frame



Every summer vacation, the seaside is the choice of many people.

If you pick up many shells, conch, etc. at the seaside

Paste them and decorate your photo frame

Wait for many years to see the smiling face of this summer vacation

They are full of memories and a youthful atmosphere.

If there is no chance to go to the seaside, I like this element again.

You can also buy some online.

Can directly retain the original color of the shell

You can also spray them into a uniform color with spray paint.



2 Bell photo frame



In various festive festivals

Many people will decorate their homes.

The metal little bell shape is one of the commonly used materials

Whether it is hanging up to decorate white walls or green plants

It will make the home lively and atmosphere instantly.

In fact, these little bell shape decorative photo frames also feel very good.

Bells of the same color or different colors

Paste it directly on the photo frame with a hot glue gun

You can paste appropriate graphics according to your preferences.

You can also learn to create a set of photo frames in this article.

Dip acrylic paint dots with a cotton swab

It also has a super abstract artistic feeling.



3 mosaic photo frame



Mosaic is an art form we are very familiar with.

This is a perfect blend of color and stitching.

Especially suitable for children with a strong perception of color

The finished product is the very visual impact

Make several mosaic photo frames and put them on the desk or bedside table.

All of a sudden, the room became warm.

Prepare log photo frames, brushes, pencils, etc.

Draw various geometric shapes on the photo frame with a pencil first

Then use the brush for color filling.

More test children’s color matching ability

Look, a super nice homemade photo frame is finished

Even a three-year-old child can do well



4 button photo frame



Buttons have a history of thousands of years.

It has always been beautiful and practical for clothing.

Made a contribution that cannot be ignored

Buttons have rich colors, various shapes, and low prices.

Nowadays, more and more people regard them as children’s handmade materials.

What I want to introduce today is to use fastener decoration photo frames.

The final finished product is amazing.

Prepare buttons, needlework, scissors, drawing boards or photo frames, etc.

After wearing the needle and thread, sew the button directly on the canvas.

You can make corresponding patterns according to your preferences.

Seal on the back of the canvas

Paste photos or postcards with silk thread

Hang it on the button, and the very novel photo frame is finished.

If you still like traditional ones

Glue, buttons, and log photo frames can also be prepared.

Paste the selected buttons directly

Except for buttons of different sizes and colors

You can also paste sequins, beads, etc.

Make your photo frame more layered.



5 pompon photo frame



Fluffy ball for a warm feeling

It has always been one of the children’s favorite handmade materials.

Use them to decorate all kinds of handmade works super easy to use

It seems that no matter what it is, it is decorated with a pompom.

It immediately becomes cute and full of childlike fun

Prepare solid color photo frame, pompom, glue

Directly use glue or hot glue gun to put the pompon

Paste it around the photo frame



6 straw photo frame



Now more and more places are forbidden to use plastic straws.

Therefore, you will see many papers sucker with rich patterns and colors.

Please don’t throw the straw after using it, except for the many methods introduced before

Let’s try decorating your photo frame today.

Paste the straw directly on the photo frame with a hot glue gun.

Cut off the excess

To make colors look richer

You can also choose different colors and patterns.

Three simple steps, a photo frame you made yourself will be completed.



7 ice sucker photo frame



Popsicle sticks always hide many wonderful memories of summer.

Play with friends, eat, drink and have fun together

This most common but precious happiness

It always makes people cherish it

Make a child’s photo frame with a popsicle stick

It’s like a key that allows children to remember these moments.

First, drain the Popsicle into a square.

Choose Single layer or double layer according to your preference

Or build a cabin as shown in the figure

Paint it with acrylic paint after Composition

After the paint dries out, paste it with glue

Finally, stick your favorite decorations

Buttons, sequins, non-woven flowers, and so on are all OK

Draw the corresponding pattern according to the size of the photo frame on cardboard

Cut it down along the drawn line

Paste it on the back of the popsicle stick with white latex

Then paste the child’s photo on the cardboard.

You can choose cardboard, as shown in the figure.

Stand up the photo frame or paste it with a magnet.

Stick it on the blackboard or other favorite places



8 egg holder rose photo frame



Eggs are very nutritious food for our bodies.

So many parents will make all kinds of egg meals for their children.

Please don’t throw away those paper cups eggs, and they are instrumental

Today, let’s introduce a game with a high appearance.

Turn egg holder into roses to decorate photo frames

Follow the steps in this article to cut egg holders into small-sized and small-sized

Then paste it into a rose pattern in turn.

Paint acrylic paint of your favorite color to dry

Finally, paste the roses directly on the photo frame.



9 pinpindoudou photo frame



Pinpindoudou is a tool we are very familiar with.

You can buy a large bag for more than ten yuan online.

It is widespread to use pinpindoudou to collage plants, animals, etc.

Now let’s play something different, use it to paste photo frames

Put pinpindoudou on related tools according to your own preferences

Spell out your favorite pattern and paste it on the photo frame

Super cute and ambiance photo frame is finished



10 Lego photo frame



Lego has accompanied the childhood of generations since its birth.

Let’s naturally feel intimate with Lego.

As the child grows older, maybe the former Lego is not fond of playing

Then turn waste into treasure to directly decorate photo frames or others.

The following ideas can be learned

Make your own personalized Lego photo frame

Keep what you want to keep

Even if time will fade away

But photos can help us retain memories.

Make your favorite photo frame

Let the years stop for a while

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