Paper Cups Made of Toys | flowerpot

7 flowerpot

Flowers can always bring us a lot of good moods.

So many people have the habit of growing flowers or green plants.

In addition to the common use of special vases for flower arrangement

Try more naughty ways

For example, insert small flowers into paper cups

And draw various lovely patterns on the periphery of the paper cup.

It can even be packaged with glass paper after being finished

As a small gift for friends, teachers, parents, etc.

8 mini flower basket

Young children, especially young girls

I will like the creation of various flowers and baskets very much.

It is better to use paper cups to make a few mini small flower basket

Let them be picked up to pick small flowers

Prepare a large colored paper or another material item

Fold it into several folds and cut it as shown in the picture

To make the flower basket look more layered

You can also cut more layers and paste them

Finally, round holes are punched with punchers on both sides of the Cup.

Put on the twist stick, and you’re done

Please take it to install some when you go outdoors

Small stones, Little Flower, and other small items are super suitable.

9 mini pinata

Pinata may have been rarely used in China.

But readers who have been paying close attention to us for a long time must be familiar with it.

They can be seen in many Western parties.

Put candy, chocolate, etc., into a pinata.

Finally, the paper was punctured, and candy, bright paper, etc., fell off.

The super lively atmosphere of the party instantly making the venue Hot

Now let’s use paper cups to make a mini pinata for fun.

Prepare tissue paper, candy, paper cups, tape, scissors, etc.

First, wear a small hole at the bottom of the paper cup.

Put the rope in and tie a knot in the Cup.

Put candy, chocolate, etc., into the paper cup.

Draw a circle of the same size as the cup mouth on the tissue paper

Fix it with a rubber band

Use crease paper or tissue paper to make it, as shown in the figure.

Paste the cut note around the paper cup

Paste it layer by layer with different colors

It will have a rainbow effect and be more beautiful

If there are decorations such as Pompon

You can also decorate a circle on the top.

Prepare more pinata like this at the party.

It will make the party more lively and atmosphere.

10 decorative wallflowers 

By graduation season, there will always be many parties.

If you don’t have much time to arrange

But I think the atmosphere is vivacious, and a few paper cups can be done

Make unused waste paper cups into decorative wallflowers

Do more paste on different corners of the wall

It will instantly make the party lively and dreamy.

Use acrylic paint or spray paint to paint paper cups in different colors

Use scissors to cut it into big flowers, as shown in the figure

You can also color it after cutting it uniformly.

Paste paper cup flowers on the white wall with double-sided adhesive tape

Or hang it in the classroom or living room with a rope

After reading so many interesting usages of paper cups

Do you want to do it

After learning the creativity in this article, we will draw inferences from one another.

Use paper cups to make more interesting and beautiful works

I hope our children are all in the same way.

Grow up in a happy, interesting, and creative atmosphere

Let these handcrafts become one of the warmest memories of his childhood.

If you like the ideas in this article, welcome to share more.