Paper Cups Made of Toys | candy storage


Disposable paper cups we often use

It is also straightforward to use handmade material and storage

Today, prepare all kinds of paper cups with Touchbox

Come and play with all kinds of funny and creative, turn waste paper cups into treasures

Add more new explorations to our life with creativity

1 candy storage

It seems that paper cups are used for all kinds of snack storage.

It is an instinctive way for many families to use it.

But if the paper cup is slightly processed with the child

It will make storage more interesting and meaningful

You can also use colored paper to fold some convenient and useful storage boxes


Use acrylic paint to paint the paper cup with your favorite color first

Or use colored paper to circle the Paper Cup

Paste the cup mouth with a wafer of the same size

Use a brush to draw facial features on the Cup, etc.

Empty the bottom of the cup; you can put all kinds of snacks in it

To make your cup more lovely

Decorate with all available colored paper, pompoms, etc.

Try all kinds of movie roles, animal themes, etc.

2 little doll

When visiting some small shops

You will find some lovely dolls sitting in the drawer.

It makes people want to be close and even buy it home

Instead of buying, it is better to make some by yourself

Just prepare a few paper cups, colored paper, twist sticks, etc.

You can make lovely Bugs Bunny or another little doll.

Paint the paper cup with your favorite color to dry

Cut out rabbit ears and other parts as shown in the figure on colored paper

Circle the rabbit ears and paste them on the top of the paper cup with a twist stick

Then punch holes in the cup mouth into the rabbit leg made of twisted stick

Finally, paste the rabbit feet and rabbit mouth in a suitable position.

In addition to rabbits, you can also try more animals.

Make a small manor

You can even make up a story for each little doll.

3 Spider

During festivals such as Halloween, many people will be spiders.

But at ordinary times, spiders are also a big item for many children’s handmade themes.

Now follow us and use paper cups to make some.

Prepare paper cups, moving eyeballs, twisting sticks, etc.

Make a few little spiders, hang them up or use them as their way

Paint the paper cup with the color you like first

Paste different sizes of moving eyeballs

Can be different paper cups as shown in the picture

Use eyeballs to show different styles

Drill a small hole under the eye

Put the bulb into the paper cup as a smallmouth

Then use a puncher to make three small holes on both sides of the paper cup.

Punch the twist stick into the hole as a spider leg

Use your hand to bend it to look more image

Look, a few cute paper cup spiders are finished

4 rocket

We all know the importance of space layout for the country’s future.

Some time ago, the launch of the rocket was once again inspiring.

It also aroused children’s interest in astronomy and making rocket crafts.

In previous articles, we used colored paper plastic bottles.

Today, try to make a small rocket with paper cups.

Use a red brush to draw on a paper cup, as shown in the figure

Use yellow, black, and other brushes on another paper cup

Draw the flame effect under the rocket

Use blue wrapping paper as shown in the figure

Make a cone-shaped fire arrow

Paste the fire arrow on the paper cup

Then draw the wing on the blue paper of the same color and cut it off

Paste it on both sides of the paper cup

Cross-shaped rubber band fixed at the bottom of the paper cup

Please put it on the flame paper cup and press it down

The rocket paper cup will rush upward under the action of pressure.

May as well take the child to have a try

See if it can really fly up

5 bees

Plan Bee adds a lot of happiness to our life.

Because of them, we can see more beautiful flowers.

Also, because of them, we can eat delicious and sweet honey.

If you like insects like bees, don’t miss them now.

Follow the steps in this article to make a lovely bee family

Prepare paper cups, colored paper, glue, scissors, a marker pen, etc.

You can draw the shape as shown in the figure on the white paper first.

And cut it to use as a template

General Black’s paper cup cut a gap

Cut off the edge of the paper cup

Then print the previously cut paper on colored paper

Cut out shapes of the same size

Cut paper into a bee head, as shown in the figure.

Use Mark pen to draw small expressions such as lips for bees

Paste the cut Bee head on the paper cup

Cut out a pair of wings on colored paper

Paste the prepared wings on both sides of the paper cup

A super cute and energetic Bee is ready

6 octopus expression

Playing paper cup expressions is a popular game.

When rotating the paper cup, change different expressions

It will make children more excited and participate a lot more.

We have tried ice man’s paper cup expression before.

In the same way, make an octopus expression package.

After learning specific operation methods

You can play more tricks

First, draw the octopus’s body on a paper cup

Cut it out in the middle

Draw various expressions on another paper cup with a marker pen

To make the paper cup look more harmonious when rotating

You can also use the same color to color around the expression.

Put paper cup sleeve of octopus’s body on the expression paper cup

When you turn the Cup left and right, you will see different expressions.

Let the child guess what expression will be below?