School Reading angle Decor Ideas 2021

Wall decoration

The walls in the classroom can be used well.

Let children have a more warm experience

Wall decoration is crucial

Mori style. Cute wind, Rainbow wind, etc.

Decorate yourself with all kinds of colored paper and brushes


Reading angle

Reading can make people wise and is the fastest way for children to know the world.

In many kindergartens, special reading corners will be set up.

How to decorate the reading corner more beautifully to attract children?

The following ideas, maybe you can use them

Use crease paper or colored cloth to make rainbow tassels

Put on three or five pillows and children’s photos, etc.

A super warm and relaxing reading corner is finished

Turn broken tires into treasure

Let every child stay in it and do his own thing freely.

You can also put a small pillow in each tire.

Swimming ring can also be used

If the teachers are willing, they can also use large cartons or barrels.

Build their exclusive reading boat for children

It seems that every ship is heading for the other side of knowledge.

One woven carpet, two rattan chair

A quiet and beautiful atmosphere is created

Prepare some small bookshelves and desks, perfect

In the ocean of knowledge, everything is colorful

Open this door and light up your brain

Simple, sometimes there is a special charm

If the overall environment is simple, it is right to choose this one.

Display the works created by children on the wall

Put on blankets, desk lamps, cushions, etc.

It is easier for children to go there and enjoy quiet reading time.

The pillow is yyds, the best companion for reading “friends”

Set the reading corner to the style of the book

Put on three or five bookshelves, full of atmosphere

Not only books, but also various furry toys

This kind of reading angle certainly attracts children’s attention.

Rainbow, white clouds, Sun, these lovely elements

It always makes the reading corner feel more “sunny”

If you like Mori style style, you can try this lawn style

Most of the time, you only need to create a comfortable space.

Children can play in it for a long time and read it for a long time.