School is coming soon-Bulletin board Decor Ideas


School is coming soon

At the beginning of every new school year, in order to welcome new students

Teachers are also racking their brains to create a warm environment.

Let students integrate into the new environment faster

The environment can have an important impact on our emotions.

People often say that warm colors will make people more optimistic and enthusiastic.

And the cold tone will make people more silent

Different arrangements will bring people completely different feelings.

Your “environment creation” will help express what you want to say instead of you.

Today, we are from the bulletin board, reading corner, etc.

More creative ideas from multiple perspectives

You don’t need to use 100%, but these ideas can be used for reference.

Create a special classroom decoration after integrating your personal ideas

Bulletin board


Walking into a school, corridor, or classroom bulletin board

They are all one of our most concerned places.

Some are made of Blackboard, some are iron-absorbing boards, or others

As an important publicity place to release various news and welcome students

It is also the place where teachers show their talents.

Now learn the creativity in this article, and also decorate the bulletin board.

Do some small school buses and write down the children’s names.

All of us walk on the road of learning knowledge.

Wonderful things will happen here”

It is the names on these round pieces of paper that create miracles together.

No matter how happy or sad it will be next

Everyone who comes to school is welcome

This class will get better and better, because you are there

Kind, strong, honest, confident, true……

Put these beautiful characters on paper

No accumulation, no even thousands of miles

Only down-to-earth, step by step

To achieve the goal they want to achieve

The simplest and straightforward ones are often the most impressive

A “welcome” contains the most sincere feelings of teachers.

Play the acrostic poem game as shown in the figure

Express the pragmatic words you want to express

Are you ready for a colorful year?

Use the words “welcome to school” or welcome to make sentences

What kind of sentences will you write to welcome new students?

Children are the future of the world.

Make some beautiful large handmade flowers paste on the blackboard

Let the children be infected by this warm atmosphere

And more like to go to school

Make some super cute little magic mirrors

Put the children’s photos on

Let them find themselves and their companions

Learning makes you walk on the road to success.

Little Duck are so happy to welcome you

Make some small flowers and grass more atmosphere

You can use such a small mind in all kinds of small corners.

Welcome all students to this happy place

Let going to school become a pleasant thing

Dream hut is about to set sail

Write the child’s name on each balloon made of colored paper

There will be many interesting things happening here

Seeing their smiling faces, the corners of the mouth can’t help rising.

Use wisdom to light up your new year

Draw children’s hands and cut them out with colored paper

Let everyone write a greeting

Turn waste into treasure and use the carton

Your creativity starts here!

Use art to light up creativity