School Classroom Door decoration Ideas

Door decoration

Open a door, what kind of world will be behind it

The door is always like a medium connecting two different worlds.

On this side of the door, you are an identity.

It may be another identity after entering the door.

The door in the school classroom and the door in the teacher’s office are very important.

This is one of the most intuitive places for teachers to preach

Decorate the doors of these two places well

Cut out some small balloons with color paper

The names of the students in the class are written on each balloon.

Draw another house and cut it off

“Your adventure is about to begin”, is there a very exciting feeling?

Or cut out many butterflies to make a tree

Super natural smell

Love the cute style of ice cream shop? The whole one

Owl has a symbol of wisdom in many cultures.

Make some Owl decorations on the door

Not only cute, but also good meaning

Let art become an Enlightenment tool to enlighten children’s creativity

Use crease paper or cloth to make a color brush decoration bar

Make a small maze, amazing ~

In the above, colored paper or non-woven fabric is used to make balloons.

Now use real balloons to decorate the door, with more atmosphere

Going to school should have been a pleasant thing.

Face the next school time with a happy mind

Different themes will bring completely different feelings.

Make Matching choices according to your preferences

If you like pastoral style, make a small farm

The sunflower below are all children’s little hands

The five steps of learning can be directly pasted on the blackboard.

Write all kinds of occupations and cut them and stick them on the door.

Future artists, architects, actors, scientists, etc.

Which one does the child want to be?

Simple words, but contain infinite friendship

Quick decoration, just choose the following one

As diligent as bees, go to fertilizer and sow

Make flowers more beautiful and blooming

Make some cars and post photos of children.

The theme of “on the road” can be said to be enduring

Rushing to the farther sky like a rocket

Explore the unknown world

Children’s hands are always the target that teachers want to hold.

This year, move forward hand in hand

What memories are worth collecting during this holiday?

You can collect it in the class group before printing it out.

Stick it on the door to surprise the students ~

Knowledge gives us wings

Let’s fly to more distant places