Environment Creation Classroon Decor Ideas

If environment creation is regarded as the work of you or you and your friends

When you make every detail more perfect

Only in this way can parents and children leave deeper memories.

For example, make a retro photo frame

Write welcome to our classroom

Put another Basin of green plants, super warm ~

Or buy some wood pinyin or Chinese characters

Put it on a large disc, and then decorate the pencil-shaped wood.

The academic atmosphere immediately became available.

Prepare some lovely small wooden board

You can write names, subjects, or others.

Let children become custodians and users of these wooden board

Different colors of brushes are stored with corresponding color basket

Make the classroom more colorful

Which children celebrate their birthdays every month

Can make a special tag as shown in the picture

In addition to reading corners, there is also a manual area in kindergarten.

Use waste carton and pompom to make a spelling ornament

Whether it is the play above or the create below

Give full play to your creativity and make the classroom more creative

Make a similar small board sticker sticky notes

Encourage children to express their opinions

Always remember: Your future depends on today, not tomorrow.

After seeing so many classrooms environment creation idea

Did you get some inspiration?

Arrange the classroom well before the children start school.

Welcome a new school year and a new beginning!