Hand Crafts | 10 Types of School Stationery – DIY Notebook Decoration


Time flies, summer vacation is coming to an end.

The new semester is about to begin. Are all kinds of preparations ready?

The beginning of school in September every year is the top priority of students.

Starting to enter the new school year, you may need to get to know new students again.

Before school starts, you can prepare some small gifts for your friends.

And find a time to put on new clothes for your school stationery

Today, Touchbox specially prepared 10 stationery DIY

Prepare all kinds of materials to make your personal stationery

Make the beginning of school more ceremonial ~

1 notebook decoration

Notebook made in class or diary

Want to make them more unique

Only a few steps to complete the transformation

Many children like to buy the paper adhesive tape with various patterns

Use paper adhesive tape to collage a big heart and stick it on the notebook

Every time I take it out, I will feel sweet

First, cut out the big heart shape on colored paper

Paste paper adhesive tape in turn and cut off the excess

Paste the colored paper on the notebook cover with glue

You can also paste a pen as a small gift

Please give it to a good partner or new friend who wants to meet you at school.

If you have a wafer pressing utensil similar to the picture in your home

It can also be used directly to decorate the notebook

Create multiple colored papers on the small round slice

Paste it in turn on the notebook

There will be a geometric cute wind

If you like to do some embroidery at ordinary times

You can cut down the well-done ones.

Or buy small patches of various styles directly online

Paste different decorations on notebooks of different subjects

Can you find the target more clearly?

If you like painting friends

You can also try the following decoration method.

Put cartoon hollow out painting template on the notebook

Then remove the pigment rubbing on the cover

After it is dried, it is a very artistic decorative painting

You can also learn the above ideas and paste the pencil into the notebook.

Or directly dip the paint with a brush and paint the color you like.

With only a few simple steps, your notebook will become more stylish immediately.

Live paper adhesive tape, you will find life more interesting

If you like some colorful fonts

You can use a brush to draw on colored paper by yourself.

Or buy the kind of bling ~ bling stickers online.

Decorate small stickers with different elements on notebooks of different subjects