72 ㎡ Nordic Style Apartment Color Matching Decor

Today, I share a 72-square-meter two-bedroom decoration case for a small apartment. The overall transportation also uses white as the bottom tone and uses blue and blue with wood-colored furniture for decoration. Although it is not as delicate and gorgeous as a motel room, the overall feeling is warm and comfortable, which is of great reference value for the decoration of small apartments.

The entrance entrance entrance is covered with black, white, and gray stitching hexagonal brick. The embedded shoe cabinet has the functions of storage, shoe changing, area hanger clothes, and put on shoes, which is very practical. The display area in the middle and the bottom are left blank, with light bands hidden, making people feel the art and sweet feeling as soon as they enter the door.

The washing machine and washbasin in the home were built next to the entrance, which turned into a multifunctional laundry room and completely realized the dry wet separation. Blue wall paint is used on the wall, which makes people feel very comfortable. Wooden grilles and chest of drawers are used to divide the living room and children’s play area, and two blackboard walls are made on the wall to facilitate children’s play and painting.

Then there is the living room area, with a large area of Fishbone splicing floor, which has a strong sense of extension, and the natural wooden texture makes people feel very comfortable. Because there are children in the family, there is no tea table, making the living room more spacious and completely unlike a small house with only 72 square meters.  

The wall in the living room is painted with Tiffany blue, with gray sofa and wooden wainscot, which echoes with the floor, protecting the wall and playing a decorative role at the same time. Several decorative paintings of different specifications on the wall are .wonderful

The TV wall is shaped with cultural bricks, and the wall is decorated with partitions and other decorations. A wall-mounted air conditioner with the same color as the wall will not appear very abrupt. There is a low cabinet next to the TV cabinet, which can be used to put books or other items, increase the storage of the living room, and make the living room more clean and tidy.  

The balcony design outside the living room is very distinctive. A small bar is used to partition the living room and can be used as a dining table. You can also read books and drink tea at ordinary times, which is very emotional.

Only the small-sized kitchen has L-shaped cabinets, which is a very rational choice. It makes full use of the corner space, has sufficient storage functions, and is convenient and smooth to operate. The black, white, and gray hexagonal floor tiles on the ground connect to the entrance, and the overall feeling is powerful.  

The space of the master bedroom is not large, and a double-door wardrobe is customized at the entrance. The white bed near the window is matched with the background wall of the bedside with splicing colors to create a comfortable sleeping environment. The wall color of the tailstock also echoes the overall style of the bedroom, and the dark and light colors are spliced to increase the sense of space layering.

The second bedroom is also a children’s room, with a large area of white as the keynote, with a touch of bean green, making the room more refreshing and comfortable, with harmonious color matching, suitable for children to live in.

Desks and computers are installed beside the bed, and adults can also work and study here at ordinary times. Cork photo walls are installed behind the computers, with family life photos on them, which are very warm.