110m² Soft Color Contrast Space Decoration Ideas

The case shared today is a 110m² modern family house, with interior spaces mixed with softer pink tones on the basis of single-tone themes. Soft pink represents warm, harmonious, and loving heart-warming colors, introducing sweet colors under the premise of dark design, visually, balancing the cold feeling will not make people feel sweet.

The modern living room design is mainly black, white, and gray, with a pink dining area as the center. The black wall lamp is decorated with lines and modern patterns on the walls with strong colors, and further highlights the deep texture with the overlap of light and shadow.

The dark gray L-shaped sofa forms a dark contrast area at the bottom of the pink characteristic wall, and the gray carpet helps to visually separate the lounge from the restaurant. The smooth dark cabinets opposite the sofa are matched with dining tables and chairs, reflecting the streamlined appearance texture of the space.

A visual illusion mural brings greater depth and meditation experience space to the dedicated meditation room on the first floor. Realistic cobblestone pillows are stacked and scattered on the floor, bringing a smart natural element as an eye-catching expression of Space details.