Olympic theme creative DIY Easy to Copy

7 five-ring bracelet

For things you like, people, things, etc.

We always want to have some peripheral products.

The Olympic Games are in full swing now.

Come and play the creative DIY of Olympic theme with children

It will add more fun to summer vacation life.

Make a five-ring bracelet to wear on your hand

You can show off with your friends

Prepare five-ring color colored paper, tape, scissors, etc.

First, fold the colored paper as shown in the figure.

Then fold up the paper below

Then fold it layer by layer as shown in the figure.

Finally, circle it and fix it with adhesive tape.

Made of Five Rings, worn on hands

As if he had become an Olympic athlete

Maybe many children’s Olympic dreams

It was planted in watching TV and competitions.


8 five-ring glasses

For children who like fun

Don’t go the ordinary way to create interesting things

It can make them feel more fulfilled and excited.

Make a five-ring glasses to play

It will definitely become a powerful camera tool at present.

Prepare a frame and colorful sponge cloth

Cut the sponge cloth into a ring as shown in the figure

Paste it on the glasses with glue

A fun glasses full of Olympic feeling will be finished

Draw another example from this inspiration

Make an Olympic ring on real sunglasses

Prepare five-ring light brickearth small Burin, glasses, etc.

Cut brickearth into appropriate sizes first.

Then rub it into a long strip as shown in the figure.

Paste the rubbed brickearth on the sunglasses

Three simple steps, one Olympic glasses is finished


9 paper pallet five rings

Disposable paper tray is one of our most common handmade material

It is very classic to use paper pallet to make five rings.

Paste the finished paper pallet five rings or hang them on the wall

It can also exist as an indoor decoration

First, cut paper pallet as shown in the figure.

Use acrylic paint to color paper pallet for drying

Then link the paper pallet as shown in the figure.

A simple five-ring is ready


10 crease paper five rings

If children like collage games

Then try the next crease paper pasteup

It is still the crease paper to prepare for the Olympic rings.

Cut it into small squares

Draw the shape of five rings on the paper and apply white latex

Paste crease paper in sequence

This method can also be used to make simple cards

I have seen so many handcrafts with Olympic themes

Are you a little excited and want to have a try?

Prepare all kinds of materials to play with children

You can also tell Olympic stories while doing manual work.

Let children feel more sports spirit in play