Five-Ring Lantern

Brickearth Medal

Although biscuit medals are interesting, they can also be eaten.

But there is always a little less sense of reality.

Then use clay to help you realize it

Make medal shape with brick hearth pottery clay

And put on gorgeous ribbons

Color the medal with golden acrylic paint

After it is dried, the super metal medal will be ready.


6 Five-Ring Lantern

Lantern is something we are very familiar.

Lanterns are made on major traditional festivals.

Now it is the Olympic Games, you can also try to make one

Hang the well-made lantern on a tree or window.

It is also a very special and bright scenery line.

Prepare five Olympic rings in five colors colored paper

Cut it into circles and paste it on white paper

Prepare some colorful crease paper

Paste it under the white lantern

The method is very simple but fun

Take the children to have a try in my spare time